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NowFaith.TV Advanced Training Year 2 Semester 1 #2
2 audios at NowFaithTv

In our advanced NowFaith.TV training school, we will have more interviews with people who excel in various areas of ministry. Our guest this week is Stacey, a young woman who I met at one of our seminars on Hearing God's Voice. Since then, God has challenged her to let Him speak through her to minister to people in many different settings, countries and walks of life. She has not let her young age, single status or gender intimidate her and she has many experiences to share.

98% of the ministers today are called to market place ministry.
As far as we know, Jesus was a marketplace minister most of the time, very seldom preaching from a pulpit in a synagogue. He received Father's vision for missions and believed for supernatural power and revelation as He walked from town to town. He demonstrated the exciting great adventure of hearing God's voice in every situation and receiving words of knowledge and words of wisdom in new and different situations enabling Him to touch the heart of anyone on His path.

She heard God's voice:
for a vision for a mission trip
raising support for a mission
directions in other countries
a train for God's purposes
a witness to professionals
how to meet internationals
His favor to be #1 at work

It's our hope that these teachings will encourage you to sign up for the "NowFaith" training you need to be a more effective marketplace minister. Choose to receive God's vision for your sphere of influence: your Jerusalem, Judea and the uttermost parts of the earth. Allow God to shift your priorities and don't settle for "good" when you can have the best. Don't limit God by what you say but believe God will do far more through you than you have imagined - if you will let Him prepare you. You can expect advancement, completion and new beginnings this year if you will let Him redeem your past so you can focus on His future for you.

God is calling you to help establish His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. If you will focus on ushering in His glory everywhere you go, He will give you favor to reach the nations, to build, to expand, to create, to make wise choices, to heal, to deliver and to minister in His anointing. Receive your spiritual authority in Him and take dominion. Expect God to work more quickly and you will see people healed and delivered instantly. This is the year of the favor of the Lord!

For your homework, pray and "Just do it!"
Ask God, "Whose next?" Write a testimony of His witness through
you, as you hear His voice in the marketplace this week.

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