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3 Step Basic Training for End-Times Warriors

Here's a 3 step plan using our tools to become part of the Great Commission Army.

If we are going to be overcomers in these last days, we need to be absolutely sure of who we are in Christ, how to hear God's voice, that we have been healed and restored, that we have torn down our own strongholds and that we are trained and equipped to fulfill our God-given calling:  Some students prefer to begin training with one-on-one restoration ministry. Others prefer to begin with free NowFaith.TV video classes online.  Others prefer taking a course on CD.  The Holy Spirit will lead you to know which He would have you to do first.

We suggest that you click these links to pray over each opportunity:

  1. FREE NowFaith.TV Ministry Training Video School Online

  2. Six 3 hour sessions of personal Restoration Prayer Ministry

  3. Tearing Down Personal Strongholds CD course and 70 page manual

Students: Please send your questions to contactus@cwlinc.com            


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Matthew 28:19-20

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