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We Strongly Encourage
YOU to Sow Into NowFaith.TV.
Trust God and Subscribe Monthly as "100 Fold Partners"

Principle 1: Give to everyone who ministers to you in a significant way.

Principle 2: Give as you will want others to give when you minister.

Principle 3: Sow into other vineyards and God will give you a vineyard.

Ways to give to Cross Walk Life

Giving Online is easy and safe with PayPal automatic withdrawals.

Giving Online is Easy. If you wish to donate to NowFaith.TV & Crosswalk Life  Click Here to visit our donation center.

We have several other ways you can give back.
In response to your questions, we have created this page to explain giving options. Cross Walk Life, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (#59-3731836) and we can provide you with a deductible receipt in January, if you send us with your name, address and Email address.

Giving by Mail
You may send a check or money order, made payable to Cross Walk Life. Please call us for the address as we don't put it here for spammers to harvest.

Call 850-830-8584 for more information. For receipting purposes, please make sure your return address is on the envelope or the check. (We do not recommend sending cash through the mail.)

Specified Giving
Do you feel burdened to give to a specific outreach of Cross Walk Life? for instance, to sponsor someone for Restoration Prayer Ministry? You may indicate that your donations be used for a specific project or person. Please contact us at 850-830-8584, for more information.

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