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Step 2: Introduce Yourself
We are interested in REAL relationships.

     When you share who you are and what your interests are, we are able to pray for you, your family or ministry.     

 Because we have been hacked several times, we are not using working forms.  Please highlight, copy and paste these options into an email, fill in, and send them to us at contactus@cwlinc.com   Thank you.

First and Last Name
Birth Date MM/DD/YYYY
Marital Status
Email Address
Confirm Email Address
Main Phone
Secondary Phone
Best Time to Call
Special Requests for your web Pastor to read.
How did you meet the Lord, and when?
Describe your current walk with the Lord.
Describe your Christian life or ministry goals.
Are you currently involved in a local church? How? What Church?
This information will be kept confidential, in a secure place and will only be shared with your web Pastors.
(For more prayer power -- click on the 'prayer' and 'request' buttons and specify a request to be shared with the intercessors or all members.)

Thank you, for sharing your information with us.

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