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This week, I (Carlotta Waldmann) am sharing 3 broadcasts from our radio show, Cross Walk Talk. It was my privilege to interview Pastor Paul Stead of Holy Ghost and Fire Ministries. He is also head of Healing Rooms of the Ohio Valley and writes a weekly column for the Herald Star newspaper in Ohio. Join us for a 3 part series on God's call.

Do you know your God-given calling for your life? What do you do once you know? Do you wait for confirmation from people? What if you don't have the ability, talent, time or training to fulfill your call? Are some people called from birth? Can young children know their calling? Do children have spiritual gifts and a spiritual destiny to fulfill? Can little children hear from God in dreams or visions?

Did God call you and then let all the circumstances work against you ever fulfilling that call? Do you just quit your job, sell everything you have and dive into the call with all your heart? Does God want everyone to go to ministry training school of some kind? What if friends and family object, saying you should do something practical with potential for security and success?

Does God take everyone through His school of preparation, making the minister before He makes their ministry? Why does it seem like most of the outstanding leaders in the Bible were in some kind of wilderness experience, hidden for 20-40 years, before they actually began fulfilling their calling? Is this necessary for everyone? Do you plan to do it "for God" or do you know how to release Christ inside you to fulfill it through you? Why does God call you and then leave you in obscurity?

If you are called and anointed by God, do you need to wait to be sent by others? Are there some callings that don't need to be sent out by a church? What is the difference between being called and being commissioned by God? Will God use the most unlikely people in ministry? Does He call the equipped or equip the called? even if they appear to have no background or training for ministry?

Is an advanced Biblical foundation from a Bible College a necessity? Is it that important to have a mentor? Does God really require us to submit to our Pastors or authority over us? What is the call that every minister has in common? Will God use clearly heathen irritating people to make us into good ministers? How do you know if you finally have God's release and anointing to go forward with your calling?

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