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6 Technology Tips
To Help You Watch Videos on NowFaith.TV
If you have more questions AFTER reading this page, please call us.

1. Viewing Options (Left click)
This option allows you to watch the video without downloading the whole video, however you may still need to wait a few minutes (with broadband). It is possible you may experience some problems with this option, as I have in the past. If this is the case then you may have to try the next option.

2. Save to Disk, New Folder or Desktop (Right Click)
Allow 20 to 30 minutes of waiting time to download (with Broadband). However with this option, once you have downloaded the video you can go back and watch it again anytime you want with no more waiting time. If you have the available storage space I recommend this option.
To download a video, simply right click on the link and select either “Save Target As” or “Save Link As.” You are able to place your video in a new folder or on your desktop and watch anytime.

3. DSL or Broadband connection
If you don’t have it then I hope you have a lot of patience because you’re going to need some if you are trying to watch video with dial up. It’s a little more expensive to get DSL or Broadband but it is well worth it. Avoid losing your connection by investing in cable or at least DSL.

4. Proper and Updated Media Player
It is possible to play different video file types with different video players however, it is recommended to use the original media player with it’s matching video file. For example, Windows Media Player files (which would end with .wmv) with Windows Media Player. Carlotta’s videos are window’s media files so be sure to download the latest version of Window’s Media Player here

5. Memory
This is a common issue. Without enough memory you will not be able to view videos. Most likely your computer will freeze and lock up if you don’t have enough memory. There are many ways to check for this and many ways to resolve the problem.

First, you need to know how much available memory you have.

If you have a 256 memory card then you want to have at least 25% (64mb) available (not in use)).

To check memory with Windows 98

Right click on my computer >left or right click properties > should tell you "

To check memory with Windows XP

Click CTRL, ALT, and DELETE buttons all at the same time. From there you click on performance. There you will see a box that says Physical Memory. It tells you your total memory that you have and how much is available. My computer says, total that I have 777, 584. That’s in kilobytes, kind of like grams to a kilogram. A megabyte is 1000 kilobytes and a Gigabyte or Gig is 1000 megabytes)

Second, you probably need to free up some memory

Look at the bottom right of your computer. See all those icons? Chances are more than half of them you probably don’t need running all that same time.

Go to start, then run. Type in msconfig, then click on start up (this is how you do it with Windows XP version). This tells you all the programs that start when your computer starts. There are many programs that are important to run for your computer to run properly. There are many more programs that you have probably downloaded and by default they open up when you start your computer. You do not need most (if not all of these programs, some you probably don’t need at all) to open when your computers starts. When you need the program you can start them. I can’t tell you all the programs to check or uncheck but Windows XP will not let you uncheck something that is crucial. Generally, just by un-checking 2 or 3 programs that can make a difference. Simply uncheck them, click O.K. and then restart your computer.

Third, you probably need to buy some more memory

Video is a serious thing for a computer. Your computer is working real hard and it needs all the help it can get. The more memory you have the better. My computer is two years old and it came with a 256 memory card with a slot for another memory card. I later bought a 512mb memory card for about 50 euros. The man at the store put in for me. I now have 768 total memory and currently I am only using about half. At this moment I am downloading 2 of Carlotta’s ministry training school videos, I am logged into my email and I am writing this article all at the same time, however if I had not bought my memory card I would not have been not be able to do this.


Well I hope that this information has been helpful. Making some (or all) of these changes will help you with your viewing of NowFaithTv .
God Bless and Enjoy,

James Robor



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