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Video Series
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Live Demo of Personal Prophetic Ministry
Sunday Morning at Living Water Fellowship Church

Part One
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Part Two
DSL Video Dial-Up Video
Qualify to be on Prophetic Ministry Teams?
SAMPLE: Live Prophetic Ministry at our recent workshop
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What is God Saying? (mp3)
Prophet Chuck Pierce A Prophet Chuck Pierce B
Prophet Dutch Sheets A Prophet Dutch Sheets B
Prophet Dutch Sheets C Prophet Dutch Sheets D
Prophetess Stacey Campbell A Prophetess Stacey Campbell B
Prophetess Stacey Campbell C Prophetess Stacey Campbell D

Recorded Live Classes / Podcasts

Hearing God's Voice

How I Hear God's Voice
Swing the Sword
Spiritual Eyes and Ears
Rationalism or Spirituality?
Spiritual Discernment
Cross Walk Prayer
Stir Up Spiritual Gifts

Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God's Voice Intro
The Rhema Word of God
HGV Testimonies 1
HGV Testimonies 2
Are You a Pharisee?
Rationalism or Spirituality
Powerhouse Prayer
Spiritual Discernment 1
Spiritual Discernment 2
Cross Walk Prayer
Stir up Spiritual Gifts


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