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True Stories of God Responding to Now Faith!

Ministry Training School Testimonies
from several of our Elijah House Schools

Dear Spiritual Mother, (from a student in Africa)
The training School and the prayers are really fit with this present time, we are living now. The prayers itself has taken me to the pass and I have broken in my heart. But right now I am receiving freedom and blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ.
I have printed out the Scripture prayer strategy and we have study these scripture and agree with the Gospel. During this Period a young man came to me, asking me if some of his family members has come to me, I say no. He made apologize of what he and the members of his family has done to me, which is over ten years, they did that evil to me. But I have already forgiven them, in my heart before the young man came. And I told him that I did that because I have Christ in me, that I expect him and the members of his family to give their life to Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
Mostly, I will like to have a CD that covers the whole School studies.
Please dear Carlotta, pray for me to have favour from God and man.

As I have been praying the Cross Walk Prayer, lesson prayers and scriptures, the Lord has been working with me and in me in several ways: My ability to discern the "unspoken question," the "real issue," or to see with other eyes has increased in my interactions with others. Receiving the prompting of the Holy Spirit for scripture or for the right next question has increased several fold. Patience, peace and calm in difficult situations has increased also. I have seen increased levels of cooperation in the lives of my friends and those I have been ministering. I have an increase in willingness to discuss without criticism in some difficult communication issues. I have new willingness to be patient with those who are less mature in the Faith, struggling with or dealing with strongholds ... . Most importantly, I see and experience a greater love among the people to whom I am ministering.
Praise God for His provision and answer to prayer.

I have been getting a huge amount of healing ever since I started this course. This week, God has been showing me over and over, how much of a loving God he really is. For the past 3 years, my wife and I were in a church, that was very biblical, and doctrinally sound, but it leaned towards the very strict side and it would make you feel that God was there, ready to pounce on you if you messed up. The part of the prayer of thanks for God's law, that states: "forgive me for the times I blamed you for being such a harsh task master" is one of the areas that I am recovering from. In my time with God, He is continually ministering love to me and showing and speaking to me that He just wants to walk with me just like He did with Adam in the garden. He is a righteous judge, but he is not sitting there waiting for me to mess up, just so he can squash me. Healing is sometimes instant and sometimes it takes time, but through it all God is there just holding me, loving me and bring healing and freedom to my life.

One thing I have noticed is that is different is that I have heightened awareness and sensitivity to what people are saying. At 62 I have some hearing loss. so I have learned that I must pay attention when other people are talking anyway. However, this week it was as if my hearing had improved at least 20% or more. It was far easier to hear what people were saying and I always seemed to know intuitively what the correct next question should be. I felt "tuned into others" in a new and different, much more sensitive way. Is it an increased sensitivity or a heightened level of discernment???

I thank God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for what they are doing not only in my life but in the lives of those around me. May we all continue to be blessed by new spiritual openness and continuing repentance, forgiveness and healing in Christ Jesus. Amen

Last week when you read testimonies, I found it interesting how God worked through one of them. The testimony that you read about someone at work, and how they were forming a bitter root (I believe it was) at a person because they always complained. Well God spoke through that to me and showed me that I have a situation at work also. I have a supervisor, who is so nice to me, but he treats others not very nice at all. I have come to resent him in some ways because of how he treats people. God brought to my attention that I occasionally talk about him with a couple other people who feel the same as I do. I took the situation to God and prayed the maintenance prayer about it. I haven't been to work since I have done that, but I trust that God in His mercy, grace and goodness, has set me free from that.

My mother was severely depressed and didn't leave the house except to work. Growing up I adopted her personality and followed her in depression and isolation. Seems I accepted the attitude "this is me and all I will be." I have tried many methods of healing but only "ministry" to the inner self has made the big difference in my healing.
I see the "surface system," "surfaces causes," "root system" and "causes" as our lesson pointed out. I have asked God for forgiveness in my part "ungodly inner vows," etc. and forgiving my parents. This week, I joined a women's weight loss bible study! This is a big step for me! It is hard for me to be in a group let alone women I do not even know. I thank God for the courage to join and socialize with other people at this level. I thank God for His unconditional love and patience with me. I give God all the glory!

From Fruit to Root: I am thankful for going thru restoration prayer ministry. I learned all about going back to my "roots"- ancestors, parents, family, childhood, early adulthood. I found where a lot of my thinking and the "why" I react to things and peopled was built on past hurts and wounds. The results were strongholds, inner vows and walls-that I didn't fully realize were there or how powerful they were in running my life. I learned how to confess my sins, forgive the sins of my family, forgive myself and recognize ungodly beliefs and how to replace them with godly truth. I learned how to pray and renounce my sin and break the power of it and the resulting curses by the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross. I learned (and am still learning) how to release my hurts-faults-failures- with the help of the Holy Spirit.
This restoration has open my spiritual eyes and ears- it is teaching me discernment and understanding in ministering to others. I empathize with them. I am them! I have also learned that it is possible to have God's calling-His anointing - and still have flaws, weak areas and lessons to be learned.

I am learning all too well the idea of remorse vs. true repentance... I know that if I allow myself to be repentant --I must confess--with total honesty--thus exposing myself and restitution always follows-and I'm not always ready yet for that--I want "the check to clear the bank"-so to speak. What I always realize -after the fact - is that it is not a sin of "spending too much money" or even the sin of "sneaking around" but the sin of Disobedience--and not disobedience to another human but disobedience to My Father Himself. Now -given it to me directly-"disobey your Father"-I would not hurt Him like that--but give it to me indirectly-like Satan ALWAYS does- I may fall for it-I hear whispers like "its your money-you work hard everyday-you should be able to spend it the way you like"- and if MY will-MY want -is strong enough--and I forget to pray about it-(or don't want to pray about it)- I make the wrong decision every time----
I remember one time (recently) that I wanted a printer - I needed a printer--I asked-I tried to pray (I did hear a no but ignored it) I bought the printer-remorsefully- a day or so later- I repented- my Father (and another) told me to return it-a day later -with the returned money still in my packet--my tire on the car was ruined when I ran over something in the road--because I had the money back from the return of the printer-I could buy another tire!!--MY Father spoke loudly to me--TRUST ME WHEN I SAY NO-I am looking out for you-. THEN --THEN not only was I remorseful but truly repentant because I saw my TRUE sin--I didn't trust my Father-I hurt Him with my disobedience. I believe the difference between remorse and repentance is VISION-when we see that we have hurt our Father- that we disobeyed HIM with our lack of trust--then it breaks our heart and we repent.

One thing that has helped me in my walk with God is my daughter. When she was born, I immediately fell in love with her, and there was nothing that I wouldn't do for her. All the time she is growing and changing and going through things, God has showed me many times that the way I feel is just a small amount like he feels. For example, If I call her on the phone to talk to her, and she is busy on the computer or watching a movie, she doesn't really give me her full attention and it's hard to talk to her. God has showed me, that is how he feels when we pray and don't give Him our full attention when we are doing so. Or the times we have to say no to something and it hurts to do so, but we know that it is for the better. God also has to do that. He wants to give us everything we desire, but wont if it will cause us harm, or hurt our relationship with Him.

I had a lot of questions about starting this school -- things like money, health issues and a very old computer. Two days after I found about the school a I received a prophetic word saying that there were answers for all my questions and that this was going to be a year of activation into the more of God. The next week I called my pastor and told her about the school she went online and looked everything over she told me to go for it. She also ordered my first textbook. Every week she prints my homework assignment. I have a big God a wonderful and caring Father. Thank you love and prayers

I had been struggling with some reservations about being a part of this class because I felt as if I was doing this behind the leaders backs even though I knew that this was a leading from the Holy Spirit to do this because I'm a licensed minister of the Gospel and God is calling me into Christ-likeness all the way and I am willing to die to flesh so that this can be accomplished. He has been preparing me through crosswalk life website where I would read and listen to the podcast. I would burn them to CD and listen to them over and over even when I was sleeping. This happens whenever the Lord leads me to do something that does not necessarily have to do with my home church that takes me out of the area of comfort.
I would get these feeling I didn't understand where it all came from until the next morning during my time with the Lord, he began to bring up a lot of things that were very much connected to this struggling that I was feeling. I realize now that I had dishonored my parents and even made bitterroot judgments against them and my siblings so now I was reaping what I was sowing. I am saying the Cross Walk Prayer so that I can be free in Jesus. Thank you for your obedience. I pray that we will all be free to speak out boldly and not be intimidated the next conference call to ask questions, share and give testimony. Amen Shalom

Coming alive after the class on Spiritual Rebellion!
After hearing this Elijah House School teaching, receiving personal prayer and reading the homework assignment the following night, I said the prayer for choosing life. By 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, I had solved the problem with one of the financial statements I had been working on for days. At that point, I felt like the fog had lifted and a weight was off me. I was on a “high” that I had not experienced in quite some time.
On Saturday morning, I got out of bed at 7:30 a.m., which I have not done without great prompting in many, many months. My habit had become to sleep until 9:30 at the earliest. Immediately after getting up, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I have been trying to get back into the habit of working out for many months. I have been suffering from chronic tiredness for over a year now.
I had felt for several years, that there was a disconnection in my brain. Coming up great thoughts and plans to execute them has not been my problem. The problem has been in the follow through. Somehow, I could not get myself motivated to accomplish my plans. I feel that God has made all the connections in my brain since I have repented of my spiritual rebellion.
God has restored my energy and self-discipline. I cannot adequately express the joy that I feel in my heart at this change in myself. God is also restoring the Boldness that I have always felt in my spirit, but have been unable to completely express to others. I can see myself accomplishing great things as God directs them in me. There are still several things to walk out and work out, but I have found my map and am on my way!
I am finally coming alive in God! Thank you, Elijah House School!

I would highly recommend the Elijah House School
It has been very enjoyable. I only regret that we have time limitations and that we cannot spend even more time fully digesting the information. (We have already expanded the class from the original 2 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours.) "A fellow teacher"

This class has made me realize the need for prayer counseling.
Through the Elijah House School, Christians around the world can be taught to minister to other Christians. I had been to a secular counselor and became more confused than I was before I went. I could not only have saved money, but could have had a closer relationship with God. Now I know how to trace from the "fruit to the root" and knowing the root of the matter can start real change in one's life.

New Power through the Elijah House School
I learned that condemning judgments and dishonoring of parents can cause the problem to come back on you. Since I have learned the Cross Walk prayer, I am praying it all through the day and I am teaching it to my 3 children. We have already experienced real change from so many things in the class. I now say "I got the power!"

Thank you, Carlotta, for your love and friendship
It really means so much to me. One of the areas I am trying to develop is believing people really do care about me. Oftentimes, I succumb to the belief that I am a burden to others and that I and my concerns don't matter to anyone. Those are the times I withdraw and I become isolated. But more and more I am beginning to resist this tendency and I reach out to friends like you who have faithfully loved me and encouraged me in all things. I have never received such love and acceptance before.
Thank you, Cross Walk Life

Elijah House School is a must for every Christian Counselor!
I never cease to be amazed at the new revelations that I find in John and Paula Sandford's books and teachings. They are surely the Father and Mother of emotional healing. I look back and wonder how I have made it this far in life without these teachings. Now, I define counseling as helping people to apply the Word of God to their individual situations so that they can line up with God's wisdom and truth.
I was well practiced in many mental health modalities, but have learned that we were unintentionally leading our clients astray. Now I know that no matter how experienced and well-trained the counselor, how well the client understands their issues, how sincere the effort to modify their behavior -- patterns are not broken by re-deciding!
Now that I understand the law of sowing and reaping, I realize that we are bound to reap what we sow, until we repent, no matter how well we analyze and understand the problem! We do reap what we sow, more and later, no matter what or who we believe in. How simple God's way is. We can just repent of sowing destructive patterns, judging others, dishonoring others and blaming God for the results. As we begin to sow good seed we allow Him to live His supernatural life through us!

Thank you for inviting me to the conference call...
I was a little quiet last night because I had never experienced anything like that... I had to keep my phone on mute because I had my children and I was cooking and bathing my daughter for bed. I truly was blessed and felt the power of GOD....
I have to tell you there were a couple of things I saw... I saw my self in a field collecting what looked like wheat....then I saw a wave of water just hit the wheat and I began to pick up what look like cotton but when I looked in my bail it was money....and it began to overtake me....then I saw... myself building churches with the money as brick that I had collected...
Once I laid down... I dreamed I was fishing... in a large body of water and the fish began to jump in the boat... without me pulling them in through the fishing rod....I had so much fish ...they were just piling up on the boat....
Then I was in a different land... passing the fish out to the children....I then woke up... When I woke up my belly was burning... and I heard. "Activation, Activation, Activation in the name of JESUS!"
Thank you for being a vessel... your ministry is a truly a gift from GOD.
"Revelation 3"


A light in a dark place!
I attended a seminar taught by Carlotta called, "How to Hear GOD'S Voice for Others." I also attend the Thursday night classes on the same subject. Friday night, after Carlotta taught, we divided into groups and we practiced our activations. There was a lady in our group that I didn't know the LORD told me that she was a Sunday School teacher at the church and that she taught 12year olds. Well, GOD was right as usual. She was a Sunday school teacher, and she taught 11, 12, and 13 year olds. GOD told me that she was doing a great job and to not stray from the path and the way she was teaching them. She was also blessing many of the children.
Then Saturday night we divided up into our groups and practiced activating and there was a man was beside me. Carlotta said to just give one word. I told the man "answers." Well the rest of the prophecy was that he had been seeking answers to some questions that he had been praying about. Well, as usual GOD was right on target. GOD told me that He was going to answer the man's prayers, answer his questions and that the man would be blessed for being faithful.
Then on the way home on the darkest stretch of the highway that I had to travel, I saw a light in my rear view mirror. There wasn't a car or motorcycle behind me. I thought at first it was my guardian angel following me, but later upon praying about it GOD told me that it represented "me being a light in a dark place." Isn't that cool?

I would like to also - once again - thank Center for Biblical Studies and Victory Christian Fellowship in Tallahassee, Florida and Gulf Coast School of Ministry in Destin, Florida, for hosting our Elijah House Basic Schools in the past -- 2000-2004.

Let us know if you would like information about hosting an Elijah House School at your ministry or church. One semester can be covered by attending full-time for one week or by attending weekly for 12 weeks.

Making ready a people and preparing the way!
Carlotta Waldmann, Founder of Cross Walk Life


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