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As I sit here typing this, God just showed me something -- Something that I am almost embarrassed to admit. When I first heard about the Ministry School, I was excited to get into it. As it got going and things were changing in me, I was feeling great. I was being set free from stuff and changed more to what God wants for me. Notice the ME ME ME.
I have always had a heart for hurting people and wished that I knew how to really minister to them. In going through the school, as I was being ministered to, I wasn't really thinking much about ministering, just being ministered to and changed. God just showed me that I have learned a lot, have been changed and freed from stuff, and although far from perfect - it's time I take what I have learned and go and use it.
America is a hard and selfish place. For some it is an inconvenience to drive 10 minutes, let alone walk for miles and through croc infested waters to get to a meeting. Those people are expecting, they are believing, they aren't spoiled and cold and hardened to the things of God.
I have no idea where God will take me, or how He will use me, but right after I finish this, I have the need to go to Him and just lay it all down to be used in whatever capacity he sees fit, removing any ideas that I have about it.

These teachings really hit home with me. I believe with all my heart what Carlotta has taught in these lessons and if it weren't for RPM with her I wouldn't feel as healed as I do today. Word of encouragement ... it doesn't matter how hopeless you feel or how much you need healing, God is there and was from the day of your conception. He even planned you before the foundation of the world!! He is waiting and ready to heal you!

The Lord has given me dreams for others showing areas they need help from Him. I want to move with Him as He leads me into ministry time with those He has hooked me up with that are not taking this course, but are in my sphere. This teaching is really helpful in practical ways as I move out to pray for those others as He leads.
Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to teach what God has placed in your heart. Just from finding you on the internet God has been able to break open my areas of bondage that I did not even realize were there. He is moving through you in a big way.

These lessons and the prayer strategies have had a real heart opening and soul touching affect on me. Realizing that my perception of Father God was influenced by the family problems of my youth I have been able to deal with own sins and bitterness and move closer to Father God in a healthier and fuller way. While, this will be the continuing subject of prayer for a while, my relationship with God and my perception of Him as my heavenly Father has become more alive and real in my heart.
God as my heavenly Father is real to me for me personally, finally! Praise God Oh my soul Praise His holy name.

It is my hearts desire to hear "well done my good and faithful servant" above all other desires. And it is my hearts desire to know others who will hear the same. And to be there for them as they are here for God and us all. Amen. Thank you for your desire to minister to and build up the saints of God. Looking so forward to all of the teachings, gratefully His, joyfully with you. Amen.

I had a lot of questions about starting this school -- things like money, health issues and a very old computer. Two days after I found about the school a I received a prophetic word saying that there were answers for all my questions and that this was going to be a year of activation into the more of God. The next week I called my pastor and told her about the school. She went online and looked everything over and she told me to go for it. She also ordered my first textbook every week she prints my homework. I have a big God a wonderful and caring Father!!
Thank you love and prayers

My Testimony would be, after starting this class, I've gone into a deeper levels with God. As I do everyday, in reading and studying His word, obeying Him and being everlastingly thankful.
But my testimony is also that I'm starting to speak to others about what God is teaching me. Other people that know a lot of the Word and people that don't know a lot. I believe God is giving me a voice to speak about Him with and Great Knowledge of Him to speak with. This is a start for me and I believe it will be a great glory for God.
I'm still very young in Christ, but even this considering all God's pulled me through is greater than I imagined.

I had been struggling with some reservations about being a part of this class even though I knew that this was a leading from the Holy Spirit to do this because I'm a licensed minister of the Gospel and God is calling me into Christ-likeness all the way. I am willing to die to flesh so that this can be accomplished. He has been preparing me through Cross Walk Life website where I would read and listen to the podcasts. I would burn them to CDs and listen to them over and over even when I was sleeping.
More things are being revealed to me as I write this ... I was reaping what I was sowing. I am saying the Cross Walk Prayer so that I can be free in Jesus.
Thank you, for your obedience. I pray that we will all be free to speak out boldly and not be intimidated the next teleconference to ask questions, share and give testimony .



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