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Integrated Prayer Ministry
vs. Secular Analysis

Submitted by: Cheryl H. Dely, M.S.W.


Scripture declares we are to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 3). The root word for salvation means “to become whole; to become healed”. Wholeness and healing encompass much more than a surface assessment of current pain and/or dysfunction.

Forgiveness and comfort have long been the standard for ministering healing. While they are important and appropriate, standing alone, they are incomplete. We have been guilty of “Healing the wound of my people lightly, saying peace, peace when there is no peace”. (Jeremiah 6:14,8:11)

We must ask ourselves do we want the “balm of Gilead”- a long-term change agent? Or will we be satisfied with a salve – a temporary remedy? If we are going to “lay the axe to the roots” (Luke 3:9) and go after deep level causes of our pain, we must be willing to go the heart of the matter.

We need to uncover structures, patterns, habits, perceptions and thinking that underlie and motivate current behaviors. These deeply imbedded structures have developed over time and may have their origins in early childhood, generational sins/curses, emotional hurts and wounding, various ungodly beliefs (inner vows, bitter root judgments/expectations) or even demonic oppression, not to mention our own sin nature.

If we truly desire to lay claim to what is promised in scripture, mere awareness is not enough.

v “recover our sight” (John 9:25)

v “be set free…be transformed” (Colossians 3:5)

v “forgive and you will be forgiven” ( Luke 6:37 )

v “see to it no root of bitterness springs up” (Hebrews 12:5)

v “first clean the inside of the cup” (Matthew 23:25)

v “judge not that we should not be judged” (Luke 6:37)

v “not be put to shame” (I Peter 2:6)

v “honor father and mother, so it may go well with us” ( Exodus 20:12)

Cognitive approaches that enlighten our understanding illumine the problem. A problem-centered approach ignores the fact that sin, our’s and other’s, is the root of the problem – not hurts, wounds or shame. We must be willing to submit our hearts to a process that is open to conviction, facilitates forgiveness, death of these inner structures on the cross and rebirth by the regenerating power of God’s Holy Spirit.

After all, the Bible says our primary focus is to know and glorify God. It is quite natural to want pain relief for ourselves and others. The temptation is to look at God as a way to put our lives in order - the way we want it! If counseling is really one aspect of sanctification, what is the purpose of sanctification – to get over our problems, or be a refection of God in the middle of them?

If the heart has not been effectively dealt with from a comprehensive and integrated approach as described above, true sanctification has been short-circuited. Deeply rooted inner structures escape the deathblow of the cross of Christ, and we continue as a people who desire temporal solutions more than we desire God.

Transformation comes through brokenness. The bread that fed the multitudes first had to be broken before it could be shared. Our personal experience of ministry received reflects a law of life. Can a stalk of corn produce an ear unless it first receives life from the parent seed. It‘s the principle of abiding, love absorbed and healing received. As we have our soul-hunger satisfied, then we can go forth with a full basket.

As we are talking to others about their story, we are forced to look at our story and realize they are parallel in deeply meaningful ways. Sometimes you are addressing issues not yet addressed in your life. Through it, we come to know we aren’t healers or fixers, just fellow strugglers who join with others in the pursuit of God.


Doesn't she write well? And a big thank you to Proclaiming His Word Publications for sharing their revelations on Integrated Ministry in "Restoring The Foundations."

Partnering with the Healer, Carlotta

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