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Healing with Open Visions

Testimony: Transforming Encounter with God's Intense Love

Testimony: Swing the Sword of the Spirit!

I am coming alive!

Testimony: Healing of Heart Failure and Hypothyroidism

Testimony: "God is going to heal you ..."

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Testimony: Jail and Prison Ministry Testimonies

Testimony: Afshin, a devoted Muslim, cries out to God!

Nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God.

True Stories about Healing

My favorite thing about Restoration Prayer Ministry is that it is not a new gimmick or method, with an agenda of steps or lists. It is a simple meeting with Truth, a touch, a vision or healing encounter. It is increasing trust and learning to relate to God's power on an ongoing basis. It is not a new dependence on a Christian counselor, but learning to relate to God in supernatural ways, as a lifestyle.

These testimonies are all recent except for the first one. It is one of my (Carlotta Waldmann's) favorite sessions of all time, because God responded in writing. It actually happened in 1997:
She reported: God took me back to years ago, when my daughter was missing for 6 weeks. My husband, an abusive alcoholic, was worse than no support at all. When I found out that she had been brutally murdered, it damaged my ability to trust God. My passion had always been for worshipping God, in song and in dance. I felt that Jesus wanted to heal me and He actually asked me to dance with Him. As I doodled, I drew a stick figure of myself dancing, but my heart was too broken; I couldn't draw Jesus in. I couldn't dance with Him.
Now years later, Jesus was asking me to dance with Him again. I looked in my wallet to find that scrap of paper of that simple drawing, from years ago. I gasped when I saw it. Today, Jesus had drawn Himself in - dancing with me. I promise you: I did not draw it. Jesus drew it. He wants to dance with me and complete my healing.

Covered with green slime:
I really wasn't trying to make a vision from Jesus happen, but it did. Jesus took me to a dark igloo like place that was deep down in my heart. A younger me was at the door and definitely did not think it was a good idea to let Jesus in there. I persuaded him and opened the door. Inside the walls were completely lined with shelves that were loaded with green slime, like in the Ghost Busters movie. I knew that Jesus wanted to clean the room up and that represented cleaning my heart. I gave him permission and he began. He not only removed the slime, he removed the shelves and then he removed all the walls. Suddenly, I could see the whole world outside. I knew that I was free.

My identity and trust restored:
"I have to give honor and thanks to God for changing my life. Through Restoration Prayer Ministry, at Cross Walk Life, he revealed things to me that I have had suppressed for years.
I discovered that I have had a 14 year old side of me that has dominated my life for 18 years. At 14, I became the provider for my family of five. For the next 12 years, I felt like I had to do everything and regardless of what I did, it was not good enough. I always felt the need to prove myself as a strong young man and to earn respect.
I grew up fast with many responsibilities and had no one to depend on or to instruct me. I missed my childhood and learned to depend on myself instead of God. I was always wanting to be in control of everything.
Restoration Prayer Ministry showed me that my true identity is not based on how others perceived me, but in God's Truth about me. As I allowed Truth to touch the 14 year inside, God healed me and restored my ability to trust."

Open visions of healing during worship:

(Carlotta: I silently prayed for this young man without telling him a word about visions and God did it all. In fact, he continues to have frequent spontaneous visions since then.) He reported: While I was worshipping at our home group, God suddenly gave me an open vision, taking me down a deep dark tunnel, to a room inside myself that I didn't even know existed. It was where a "little version of me" lived who had been hurt and was hiding in shame for many years. I knew that it was up to me to choose to open the door and allow Jesus to come into that room. Jesus cleaned the room, touched me and set me free to become all that I am destined to become. Praise God! This is a day of suddenlies!

Freedom from defensiveness with my children:
"Although I had already had other types of counseling for these same things, Restoration Prayer Ministry at Cross Walk Life set me free in three stages of my life.
At age 7, I was angry because my parents were alcoholics and were mentally abusive. At age 12, I was molested by my cousin and was overcome by shame, guilt and fear. These little ones inside put up walls of defense that still separated me from God as an adult. Even now, I have been afraid to totally trust him.
Restoration Prayer Ministry helped me to let go of a pride that I wasn't aware of, trying to control everything and the need to be defensive. I was able to recognize and deal with defensive walls (of indifference and stubbornness) that I would put up when things didn't go my way.
Actually, I was surprised to find out that these were the same areas that I have been dealing with in my children! Thank you for the freedom that truth brings!"

A new boldness and ability to love replaced my timidity, need to protect myself and defensive buttons:
In May, I had the awesome opportunity to attend a Restoration Prayer Ministry seminar and learn the techniques used to bring total healing and restoration into the lives of those that would receive. Shortly after, I had my own session and now I've noticed many of my buttons that others could push are broken. I don't get hooked into feeling defensive and needing to protect myself. My speech patterns are much bolder and people respond favorably even if I'm telling them something that could be perceived negatively. I find instead of timidity in unfamiliar settings, I'm connecting with perfect strangers, feeling love and compassion for them like I never thought possible. Most interesting of all, I've got a new desire for my husband which I believe is the result of a complete healing of the wounds from my abused past.
In the last two and a half weeks, I've continued to see daily the effects of my Restoration Prayer Ministry. Additionally, I've stepped out and prayed with my first recipient and the results were amazing! More to come on that, later. I look forward to helping bring about real change in the lives of any and all who would choose it. I see myself as a facilitator in the Kingdom of God, and I'm excited!

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