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Restoration Prayer Ministry
1-2 MONTH Residential Internships

for Individuals or Ministry Teams

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We are delighted to offer mentoring and residential Counseling Internships for Christian Counselors and those who are called to Restoration Prayer Ministry or to ministers who are called to include Restoration Prayer Ministry in their outreaches.

Our purpose is to provide a place for you to receive unconditional love, wisdom and insight so that you will develop such an intimate relationship with God, that you can impart His restoration and transformation to others, who will be able to better fulfill their callings, with adequate experience and training.

We are available to mentor Christian counselors or your ministry teams on site at your ministry or with Christian counseling internships here at Cross Walk Life. If you have ministers or team candidates who are called and gifted to minister, I am available to train them, if they meet the pre-requisites below.

2 month Internships are not free. For instance, you must be in a position to pay us a minimum of $800. (for 2 months), in advance, to cover the "costs" of your room and training whether you are coming to be a part-time intern (and work for us for free part-time) or full-time (donating extra for full-time attention.) Don't forget you must also have other income or money to cover your donations and normal personal expenses (your own bills, food, transportation, insurances, payments, etc.) because we do not pay anyone to work or train here.

If you have not yet received Restoration Prayer Ministry for yourself, please send RPM Application in addition to the internship application.

Pre-requisites for mentoring with Cross Walk Life:

Personal commitment to Jesus Open, approachable and teachable
Called to prayer ministry by God Disciplined and responsible
Received 6 sessions of RPM*** Humble, forgiving and deferring
Two written Pastoral references Anointed by the Holy Spirit
Read "Restoring the Foundations" Heart to forgive and restore in grace
Donations for room, board and training Faithful without needing compensation
Have been filled with the Holy Spirit Passion for God; compassion for people
Armor bearer, sows into CWL Enroll in NowFaith.TV; read the texts

Training Steps before you are released:

  1. Receive 18 hours minimum of Restoration Prayer Ministry yourself.

  2. Observe 18 hour RPM (6 sessions each) at least twice.

  3. Lead 18 hour RPM (6 sessions each) at least twice.

  4. Attend the Issue-Focused Prayer Ministry Training Seminars.

Options: Resident Counseling Internships:

The first 30 days you will probably be an observer not an assistant. After observing RPM with several clients, you could observe and assist. Here is a sample of progressive goals that you might set:

  1. Observe me while I lead someone through Restoration Prayer Ministry twice.

  2. Assist me twice while I lead in RPM, to learn many ministry approaches.

  3. Gain some expertise in ministry by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Become more proficient in your skills and sharpen your discernment.

In 8 weeks, you might be ready to observe, assist and LEAD, achieving much higher goals and gain some competency, as you benefit from several of the following:

  1. Learn how to hear God's voice better as you minister in the anointing.
  2. Take the lead with more difficult issues and in various environments.
  3. Experience and/or assist with one or more of our training seminars.
  4. Learn several ministry/office/web management skills.
  5. Clarify your vision, mission and scope of your ministry calling.

You can choose to intern part-time and to work as a volunteer part-time. Working for us part-time (for free) is also a valuable option as you learn while you work. If you choose to intern full-time, expecting our full-time attention, we will expect significant donations per hour to cover the extra hours when we give you our full-time attention.

For more details, contact us.

Advanced Training for Christian Counselors

Christian Counselors who are called to teach and train others, may write a special request to apply for resident Counseling Internships for an extended period of time.

  1. Advanced Training Seminars with the Advanced Prayer Ministry Videos

  2. Certification in Restoration Prayer Ministry Training

  3. Traveling ministry opportunities in churches and other ministries

  4. Itinerate teaching opportunities to educate communities

  5. Define the legal structure for your ministry - profit of non-profit?

  6. Discern your calling - church volunteer, staff, or para-church ministry?

  7. Discern your long term plan for being mentored as Christian Counselors

Trainer Training at Cross Walk Life

As we discern your call to teach and train others, we may offer you an opportunity to be mentored in training others in our ministry and those churches that we serve.

  • Counseling Internships: Training Christian Counselors in Restoration Prayer Ministry and personal ministry of all kinds
  • Traveling with us to provide Christian Counseling for churches
  • Teaching and training prayer ministers for other ministries
How do you get started?

1. Read the articles on the Christian Prayer Ministry page carefully.

2. Ask God if a Restoration Prayer Ministry counseling internship is His will for you.

3. Receive Restoration Prayer Ministry for yourself first ($300-360.)
Download Restoration Prayer Ministry Application
You must use this form.

4. Pray about whether it would be more effective for us to train your ministers at your ministry or for them to come to us for counseling internships.

5. Pray about your scheduling and travel options with our Travel Guide.

6. Make sure you have $800. to cover 2 months stay, plus $300-360. for your own Restoration Prayer Ministry, plus other money for your other expenses.

7. SUBSCRIBE to NowFaithTv Ministry Training School and catch up!

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Thank you for your interest in studying to show yourself approved. We are thrilled to be a part of "making ready a people and preparing the way [for revival] and the coming of the Lord."


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Rev. Carlotta Waldmann
, Th.B., R.N.
Founder of Cross Walk Life
"He who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God, who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee." 2 Cor. 1:21-22

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