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Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) is not just teaching, analyzing or talking bad habits to death. It is not presuming that we can use the steps that worked yesterday. It is not telling Jesus how to heal a person or telling the person what to imagine or visualize. It is not just praying that they will forget the pain, leave the past behind or even that they will not hurt anymore. It is not deliverance or healing alone.

Are you at risk? Do you need RPM? Restoration Prayer Ministry is the most thorough method I have found to remove blockages in a person's life and to empower them to fulfill their God given potential with joy. We are actually enabled by God to see past the surface problem to the hidden roots and we invite Him to touch every problem area. As a prayer minister, I am addressing spiritual root causes vs. counseling surface symptoms.

In Restoration Prayer Ministry, we offer a minimum of six sessions designed to address the most common problem areas. Usually, the first 6 sessions are as follows:

  1. We take your history to uncover generational patterns, ungodly beliefs, bitterroot judgments, bitter expectations, dishonor, word curses, hurts, bondages etc. If necessary, the history may be taken over 2 sessions.

  2. We renounce over 200 long standing generational sins & destructive patterns.

  3. We identify false identity areas and replace these deceptions with your true identity. We pray to release blocked areas, emotions and break the power of ungodly soul ties.

  4. We pray and replace ungodly belief systems, bitter root expectations, self-powered inner vows, judgments, word curses, etc. with Godly beliefs & responses.

  5. We invite Jesus to touch partially healed hurts, to take our pain and render us healed people who are safe to partner with Him in healing people.

  6. We come against every demonic bondage, habit or mind-set that is holding us back and retake the promises and blessing that rightfully belong to us.

The main reason that you need RPM is that none of us can see our own blind spots. Therefore, having a prophet to help you see your open doors and blocks is key to knowing what to pray about, to renounce, to confess and what to break the power of.

Restoration Prayer Ministry is more effective than any natural modality and it is more thorough. Jesus is transforming us in the spiritual realm. You can't heal your heart with your head. By the power of God's Holy Spirit, we address all possible spiritual and psychological causes. We are far more thorough than any ministry I am aware of. For instance, we pray the most thorough forgiveness prayers over every spiritual block, not just one way, but five ways.

  • for not forgiving others
  • for judging others or dishonoring authority
  • for sowing my own sin / sinful reactions
  • for blaming or doubting you God
  • and for not forgiving myself

Sometimes, Restoration Prayer Ministers use methods that not everyone understands like speaking healing "from their conception on," loosing and binding, bringing their selfishness to the cross to be crucified, confessing one to another, repentance with restitution, words of knowledge and wisdom, prophetic visions and dreams, healing through worship and dance etc.

Restoration Prayer Ministers impart a balance of the Word of God and faith in motion. I think of a prayer counseling minister as a liberator with true grit, who gets involved, who will love the unlikely to life and who will takes risks to help a lost lonely heart find safety in the love of God. It is about demonstrating faith to bring someone into the very presence of God, right here and now, so that they can be healed, forgiven, set free, restored and transformed in whatever way God wants to do it. Romans 12:1-2

Restoration Prayer Ministry is a passion to know the heart of God and His purposes for a person, knowing that the secret of healing is to do whatever our loving Father says to do. It is a compassion for people that constrains us to say "Yes" when Jesus decides to set the captive free, even if He does it in ways that we have never heard of before. It is destroying the works of the devil so that people can be filled with the Holy Spirit in every area of their life. 1 John 3:8b, Ephesians 5:18

It is not "behavior modification" or just learning to "act more like Jesus." It is coming against "religious counterfeit spirits" that have replaced their "first love" and true worship in spirit and truth, with "performance for the approval of God by works." It is receiving the righteousness that Jesus gave us as a gift (Romans 5) and believing Him when He says that we are made holy, blameless and righteous by His work on the cross. (Ephesians 1) It is demonstrating how to allow Jesus to live a holy life in our bodies. (Galatians 2:20)

It is not only intercessory prayer but actually helping to carry the burden, spending time with the rebellious, hugging the leper, letting the prostitute wash our feet, believing in the most unlikely, going into the houses of "gentiles," feeding the hungry, teaching those in prison, praising the Centurion for his faith and suffering from false accusation for being friends with the heathen.

For me, it included making the commitment to be trained up in the Elijah House School of Prayer Counseling Ministry so that I would have more of a diagnostic knowledge to balance my intuitive and prophetic insights. It was studying to show myself approved for months and becoming a healed person who could partner with God in healing people.

Sometimes, it is going into places that are against the "religious rules," like finding that one lost sheep in a bar, skid row, a casino, a cult or across the tracks. It can be following God's call when you have not been to seminary, you are a woman, or were an addict, murderer or thief. It may look like breaking the "rules" but it is not rebellion against God. It is a holy war against "religious legalism;" a defiance against a spirit of control that says only perfect performers can be transformed into prayer ministers.

I like to introduce myself as the former woman at the well because I am smacking "religious legalism" in the face. She was a woman that was rejected by Jews on account of her race, rejected by religious leaders because of sexism, rejected by neighbors on account of her serial marriages and for being a failure at love! But the woman at the well became the first missionary, appointed by Jesus himself and she reached her town the same day! Jesus said, "If they are not against us, they are for us."

The most powerful thing Restoration Prayer Ministers do is to let someone know that God believes in them, right now, with unconditional love, before any one else has any hope for them. Restoration Prayer Ministers have to see people as God sees them and loved their slumbering spirits to life. Maybe they are captives who act like alcoholics, crack heads, adulterers or murderers today but they may be called to be raised up as missionaries tomorrow. We have to be able to say to them what no one else will say, in truth and in love.

Restoration Prayer Ministers have to lay down every talent and knowledge
they think they have on the altar daily, in deference to depending on the Anointing to break every yoke. God may want to heal as they kneel, sing, dance like David danced, use mud and spit or absolute silence. I prayed for a young man to have an open vision of Jesus without him even knowing I was praying for him. He has been having open visions of Jesus ever since. Jesus is coming in unconventional ways. He even asked his disciples to lay down protocol. We have to know Him and His voice.

The secret agenda of Restoration Prayer Ministers is to bring every selfish fleshly structure to death on the cross. We, ourselves, might not have come to Jesus, if we had known that God wanted to kill our pride, wreck our schedules, take away every crutch, our self-centered ways and give us His broken heart for others instead. We have to learn to rest His opinion of us, in His ability to live His life through us and to be satisfied with Jesus as our source. As we used to say in Campus Crusade, "From the most sophisticated heathen to the most ignorant college professor, everyone is hungry for Jesus."

Who is a Restoration Prayer Minister? a soul liberator? It may not be the one with the great business card, videos or church growth. The prayer ministers of tomorrow may be the ones with tattoos, piercings, crazy hair and dress. They are not afraid of sinners, they know their language and they will do whatever it takes to destroy the works of darkness. They are willing to admit their own need for ministry and receive a new heart. They know demons are real, that deliverance is for today and they pray a little differently, but demons are afraid of them and bow their knees to the Name of Jesus.

Nothing will be impossible to those that believe, because Jesus will do anything for radical lovers.


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