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Recently, I reviewed some goals of the New World Order and the Illuminati (as they prepare the way for the Antichrist.) I was particularly interested in the plan to change certain key words in the Bible in order to change the meaning (but not to re-write the whole Bible - not enough so that many Christians would notice and object.) Their goal is to steal the essence of the gospel by removing certain key words.

Critical passages in the NIV came to mind immediately - that would deny the deity of Christ: i.e. Mary was a maiden (denying Jesus' immaculate conception in the virgin Mary) and that Jesus went with Mary and his father, Joseph (denying that the Holy Spirit was His father.) There are reportedly over 30,000 changes in the NIV but the verses that bother me the most leave out the blood of Jesus and cause confusion about His identity and our true identity in Christ. 2 Pet. 1:4

We began our discussion by reviewing Romans 6 about our death, burial and resurrection with Christ. Then we continued to look at the struggle that Paul describes in Romans 7. This is where the NIV and Living Bible replace the Greek words for flesh with their term, sinful nature. Does it matter? I believe it has everything to do with walking in victory in Christ. What happens when we are born again? Do we really become new or are we the same old unsaved nature plus a new one?

Are you are willing to believe what the Greek says about your identity rather than what people say? Brace yourself for a surprise. Some versions do contradict each other and you will have to choose.

As you listen to these audios, ask yourself these questions.

Romans 6

Do I believe my old man died once and for all like Jesus died?
Do I believe my old unsaved nature is dead and buried?
Have I been raised as Jesus was raised to a brand new identity?
Do I believe my old sinful nature is still alive warring with me?
Do I believe I am my old sinful nature and a new divine nature?
Do I believe someone with two natures can be one spirit with Christ?
If something died and was buried, what was it?

Romans 7
Is the struggle between our spirit and flesh or spirit and sinful nature?
Nothing good dwells in my flesh or sinful nature?
Do I believe the old unsaved nature is warring against my new nature?
Or is it my flesh that wars against my spirit and the Holy Spirit?
Do you believe you still serve your old sinful nature or the flesh?
If nature means your very "essence," is it sinful or a divine nature?
Is your spirit able to be one spirit with the Lord?
Was your unsaved nature crucified with Christ as in Romans 6?
If your old man is dead, what needs to be crucified daily?

Is it possible to live in victory knowing that the real you is a divine nature - one spirit with the Holy Spirit - a new creature in Christ, old things passed away and a born again new spirit?

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