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Mentoring in Person or Online + Classes + Pastoral Support

Want to be mentored online or in person at Cross Walk Life?
There is nothing like hands on ministry experience to balance Biblical academic teaching and training. You may apply to go on ministry trips or come for residential internships for just 2 weeks or up to 12 months. Long term interns learn how to minister in Holy Spirit led anointing, hands on personal ministry, how to lead seminars, how to set up a ministry, web site skills, how to incorporate a non-profit, personal prophetic ministry and more.

Why Training with NowFaith.TV ?
Because we minister to 94 nations now,
to our students, counselees, subscribers and to home groups literally around the world, we are offering a web school and church ministry. Members will enjoy weekly teaching classes, mentoring, training seminars, Bible courses, interviews, pastoral support groups and prayer support at www.NowFaith.tv.


Mentoring for Ministry by Video and Audio
We are delighted to offer mentoring by video for those who are called to ministry - everybody! Our purpose is to provide a place for you to receive unconditional love, wisdom and insight so that you will develop such an intimate relationship with God, that you can impart His restoration and transformation to others, who will be able to better fulfill their callings, with adequate experience and training.

We are available to mentor you or your ministry teams by video, on site at your ministry or here at Cross Walk Life. If you have ministers or team candidates who are called and gifted to minister, we are available to train them.


  1. Humility - want God to reveal the logs in their own eyes first.
  2. Not defensive - know they are just human, with a long way to go.
  3. Open - consider changes that successful people suggest.
  4. Correctable - will take criticism to the Lord to see if it is even partly true.
  5. Approachable - welcome other members in Christian love and acceptance.
  6. Teachable - even in areas where they have much insight already.
  7. Disciplined - consistently pursue more ways to please the Lord.
  8. Anointed - will not minister until they sense the anointing of God.
  9. Responsible - they do what the Father says to do as unto Him.
  10. Confident - only that Christ in them can do it, never that they alone can.
  11. Submitted - do not move ahead in permissive will but wait to be sent.
  12. Forgiving - have a heart to restore rather than to take offense.
  13. Deferring - would rather honor the other than to insist on their way.
  14. Serving - will see and do what needs to be done no matter how small.
  15. Faithful - do not have to be thanked, noticed or compensated by man.
  16. Loyal - are careful not to touch God's glory - He is to be praised.
  17. Armor bearers - they lift up, support and serve those who mentor them.
  18. Loving - are known for their unconditional love and acceptance.

Get a premium membership in our web school and church and get the mentoring you need! You will also have a web church pastor to email or call. Enjoy an interactive membership, prayer support, spiritual growth resources and access to our live video classes and whole seminars without leaving home and the added expense!

IMPORTANT: Membership is in addition to your local church membership.

Would you like information about mentoring by video?

If so, contact us, send your name, Email address and describe your need.


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so that you can develop a more intimate relationship with Father God and
have the passion of Christ, to be equipped to fulfill your God given destiny.

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