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Make Appointments for
Restoration Prayer Ministry
at CWL, by Phone or Computer

Follow the steps below.


Thank you for your interest in phone ministry appointments or Restoration Prayer Ministry at Cross Walk Life. I am so glad that God has led you to become a member and to receive personal prayer ministry. We are available to you either long distance or in person, if you come to us, for 3-4 days.

See our Founder's Page for our bio and credentials. I am not a Psychologist but I am an ordained certified Restoration Prayer Minister. We are offering Christian Prayer Ministry by phone or on site, at your ministry or ours.

Phone ministry appointments are available upon request and according to your ability to call us. You may find that this is the best option for you, especially if you do not live in the Florida panhandle area. Most clients prefer to use their "unlimited long distance plan" or to use their cell phone but some that are overseas communicate with us with their computers by downloading free Skype. (www.Skype.com) You may prefer to schedule appointments using your economical night and weekend minutes. (Keep in mind that we are in Central Standard Time.)

I hope that you will believe God for all the healing that you need very soon because Jesus has already paid the price for us to be healed body, soul and spirit. Let me know if you need more information. If you have any trouble downloading our application, please notify me right away.

First:  Read the 4 articles and the appliction linked to this page below.

  1. What is Restoration Prayer Ministry?

  2. Learn about Keys to Restoration at

  3. Read true stories about our sessions at

  4. Read Bible Verses related to Restoration Prayer Ministry

  5. Download Restoration Prayer Ministry Application

  6. Snail mail the application and original signatures back to us. 

We have suggested these links so that we can be sure that you have enough information in order to pray about receiving RPM at Cross Walk Life. We are dedicated to providing a place for you to receive unconditional love, wisdom and insight so that you can develop a more intimate relationship with God and experience the transformation and fulfillment that He has for you.

We cannot guarantee a certain result, as so much depends on your transparency and the work of the Holy Spirit of God. If we surrender to Him, He is always faithful to give us far more abundantly than we ask or think and never gives us a rock if we ask for a fish. Amen?

Second:  To set appointments, do 3 things:

  1. Agree on appointments times during your phone interview with Carlotta.

  2. Snail mail the Restoration Prayer Ministry Application

  3. Send us the first half of your donation.

You can go ahead and schedule all six 3 hour sessions in a short period of time, BUT we reserve 18 hours only for those who actually return the application and make the effort to send half of their total donation up front.

All of our ministry is on a donation basis. See our application for more information. You may donate using your credit card or by beginning an easy Paypal account, by clicking the donate button below. You may also send your deposit donation to reserve your first appointment, as you mail the original copy of your application. Snail mail the original with original signatures to us for our files.


onate to Cross Walk Life, Inc. using Paypal or a credit card. It's easy and very safe to register with Paypal. Click Donate!

You also may want to make a donation for several other reasons:
  1. You want to help to underwrite our charitable outreaches the nations.
  2. You want to sponsor someone else for Restoration Prayer Ministry
  3. You want to help CWL continue to offer RPM ministry on a donation basis

For more information about how you can be involved in practical ways as a volunteer for Cross Walk Life, see How You Can Help.

We want to thank you most of all for your prayers and support as you recommend others to visit us at www.cwlinc.com.

In His unlimited grace,
Prophet Carlotta Waldmann, Th.B.
Founder of Cross Walk Life, Inc.


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Matthew 28:19-20

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