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TEXTS: "Transformation of the Inner Man" has been updated and is in 4 books now.
Please read "Transforming the Inner Man" first and "Biblical Healing and Deliverance" and "Healing Women's Emotions" by semester two. (Every minister needs to know how to minister to women!) We highly recommend that every believer read all the books during the first year.

Transforming The Inner Man (Transformation)God'S Power To Change (Transformation)Letting Go Of Your Past (The Transformation Series)Product Details

Product Details Product DetailsProduct Details

VIDEOS/AUDIOS: Be sure to view each video and hear each audio in order and pray each prayer in agreement with a partner. See the MTS archives link at NowFaithTv under Schools - Ministry. New videos/audios, handouts or prayers will be posted every Saturday, God willing.

INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER: Please pray as God calls more subscribers to partner with us to expand our residential intern program. To give see http://www.cwlinc.com/ls.volunteers-donations.html

CERTIFICATES: Any subscriber who views all 40 videos, collects notes in a loose leaf notebook, prints/prays the prayers and sends me all the homework WEEKLY, is eligible to receive a certificate of attendance from our ministry (not Elijah House.) Credit will not be given for homework that is not sent as you watch the videos or all once at the end of the semester.

HOMEWORK: The homework, about 1/2 page long (for each lesson) should demonstrate that you are allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your own life each week, are praying as you go and are retaining the main points in the notes. It should include your testimony after praying the prayer for each session and a summary of the main points of the teaching. Credit will only be given for a testimony of how God worked in YOUR OWN LIFE and the result.

*** Be sure to write Homework # ___ (and Title)____ in the subject line so my Outlook Express will file it correctly on my computer and so that it will not be deleted. Keep a copy of each homework assignment in your loose leaf notebook for your quick reference as you minister to others in the future.

MINISTRY TRIPS: We are invited to hold seminars for other ministries. Please contact us if you would like to go, can pay your own way (travel, room and board) and assist our ministry team every day.

SEMINARS: We would like to do seminars in your area. Please contact us to schedule a seminar . Hope to meet you and your ministry.

CONTEST: Which country (beside the US) will have the most students? Please refer as many people as possible to NowFaith.TV and help us reach the nations.

SUBSCRIBE NOW: No, its never too late to begin MTS because the videos, audios and prayers are in the archives. Please listen to them in order as they build upon each other.

SMALL GROUPS: If you are led to invite friends to attend MTS with you, have them watch the videos and hear the audios in order and pray each prayer in order. The video on "What Should Happen in Small Groups" will give you wonderful guidelines for leading your group.

PICTURES OF YOU: Please send us pictures of you and yours so we can know you better!

May you have an 100 fold increase in this year of Jubilee!
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