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Today I am sharing how to get from where you are - to where God wants to take you. If you have been frustrated because you don't know how to get from here to there, this message is for you.

If you have Christ in you, you have everything you need to fulfill your destiny in Christ but may not know how to release it. You have been called from the foundation of the earth and if you are a believer, you have His unlimited power to be all that He has called you to be. He has made unique deposits into your life and has been preparing you for unique gifting a unique calling and a unique anointing.

This year that you will experience blessing and undeserved favor to fulfill your destiny. It is God's pleasure and my delight as a teacher to give revelation about spiritual principles that will allow you to pinpoint your destiny, to identify the blocks to your destiny and to be released to fulfill it this year. As we begin our new semester, there is an excitement in the air, knowing that this is the year of release, of answered prayer and fulfillment of our God-given purpose in Christ.

The big question on my mind was how to get rid of the blocks in my life and how to be activated in the spiritual gifts and calling that God had confirmed to me so many times. I knew I was called to not only preach the gospel, but to be a demonstration of God's love and power. If you will allow God to give you personal revelation of how to apply His principles to your life, how to get the beam out of your own eye, He will be happy to give you the keys to be activated in your spiritual gifts and calling.

This year God will offer each of us critical opportunities to respond according to His spiritual principles so that he can promote us and release us to be a demonstration of his power in our sphere of influence. It will be up to us to choose to respond in the spirit or to react to these opportunities with fear, doubt, worry, limited thinking and hesitation, to walk through the open doors that God provides or to stay in our comfort zone.. We will choose to believe that we can rise up over the circumstances believing God for supernatural power and intervention or we can react to critical opportunities of promotion out of our flesh and our own strength.

Throughout the Bible, God has always had His school of faith, teaching His ministers to trust Him regardless and to prove His will for “Kairos moments” (brief windows of opportunity.) In God's ministry training school, God orchestrates circumstances and challenges that are designed to develop us in power and strength to fulfill the purposes that He has for us in these last days. He provides an Elijah for every Elisha, who will prepare them, teach them and train them to receive a double portion of God's anointing and to depend on his supernatural power. They learn to operate in God's miracle working power, to defeat the false prophets, to break the power of Jezebel, to command the weather and to make disciples of all nations.

This year there will be new open doors for those who are committed to being transformed, to aligning with the truth of God and to taking everything to the cross that is not Jesus. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken and purify our motivations, until we hunger to know Him, to know His resurrection power and to partner with Him even in His suffering. With our own mouths, we will speak our own destiny into existence as we agree with God and live in the spiritual realm -- OR we will speak lack, scarcity and limitations according to our natural strength.

In order to receive a double portion anointing, we must commit ourselves to being mentored and be accountable for radical change in our lives. If we allow our minds to be renewed, if we present ourselves as a living sacrifice on God's altar (Romans 12) God will flow through us mightily in these last days to change our world. We have known how to apply Christ’s blood to receive forgiveness of sins but we have not known how to bring every block and sin in our lives to the Cross to be crucified. We will either believe that we will go through the Christian life, asking for forgiveness of sin after sin, or we will learn how to live the crucified life, bringing fleshly structures to the cross once and for all.

Psychologists might tell us that we can simply re-decide and make better choices with positive thinking. Motivational speakers may tell us that we can do anything that we put our minds to. Prosperity preachers, tell us that God will provide the funds for anything that we can believe. Personal coaches would help us to overcome our weaknesses with a powerful self-image. We find different "keys to release" however, in the Bible.

In God's training school, He creates opportunities for us to trust Him more, to become radical lovers, to grow in our passion for Him and our compassion for others. In order to walk through these open doors, we have to choose to die to our self-centeredness and to live in Christ. Sinful reactions and sinful behaviors have to be brought to the cross so that Jesus can bring them to death. Instead of defending our strongholds, tolerating and minimizing our sin, we choose to allow God to circumcise our hearts.

The Holy Spirit will orchestrate challenges that are designed to develop us, not to destroy us. As we focus on Jesus, we learn a lifestyle of focusing on Jesus rather than on problems. As we partner with God, instead of focusing on disease, we focus on the opportunity to minister healing. As we live by faith and walk by faith, we don't focus on lack or poverty but we speak God's abundance and provision into existence for all that He wants done. We learn that every apparent problem is simply a stage set for us to agree with God, to declare and to decree His miracle working power.

I believe the reason that we are afraid to step out and allow God to activate us in supernatural power, is that we know that our hearts are not pure. We are afraid to speak blessing and miracles into existence, because the Bible says “out of the same mouth will not come cursing and blessing.” We know that in the past that we have spoken judgments of others, dishonor of our authorities and have doubted God. While we may have been able to modify our behavior, we know that our hearts still need to be purified. In this series we will learn now to ask forgiveness 5 ways and to be cleansed.

Romans 12 says that we need to present ourselves as living and holy sacrifices allowing our minds to be renewed. In Luke 9 Jesus said, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me!” In Galatians, those who belong to Christ, are to crucify fleshly passions and lusts. Jesus died to bring flesh to death, to resurrect His life in its place and to redeem all the rewards and blessings that we missed because of our sinful reactions and behaviors.

Are you ready to get rid of long-term fleshly sinful patterns in your life? If we are to be transformed, we have to come to the end of trusting in ourselves, our own righteousness, our own strength and learn to "enter into God's rest." (Hebrews 4)

Paul said it best in Galatians 2:20 but Carlotta’s paraphrase is:

My old fleshly self-centered unredeemed nature has been crucified with Christ, but nevertheless, the real me, partaker of a new divine nature, is still living, yet not I alone but Christ is living His life in me and through me. The life I live now is not
even by my own faith but with the faith of the Son of God, who loves me and gives Himself daily for me. Amen?

If you would be interested in becoming a member of the NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School, please go to NowFaithTv and apply today. You will be able to start our new school with us in January. If you decide it is not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you join us, please see the instructions at Ministry Training School for ordering your texts and the curriculum.

Have a wonderful year of new success and victories this year!


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