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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Dr. Sarah Mkhonza from Africa
Restoration Prayer Ministry and Resident Ministry Internships
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Ever wanted to receive days of personal prayer ministry in person or by phone? Wish you could come as a ministry intern for months? Have you heard God saying that this is your year for healing, freedom, training and equipping to fulfill your destiny? Would you like to come to our international ministry training school and learn to minister with students from other nations? Have you heard the GO of the gospel?

Hear Dr. Sarah Mkhonza share how she received healing and freedom in just days of personal ministry and mentoring. In spite of her Ph.D. and experience in language and communication, sometimes she would find herself captivated by a spirit, that would steal her energy and would not allow her to express herself. She knew what she wanted to say or ask but could not.

She heard about Restoration Prayer Ministry from a minister who prayed with her and helped her to come to Cross Walk Life for ministry. Hear as she shares how Jesus Christ set her free and confirmed prophecies that He would restore her life. She explains the critical importance of learning to Tear Down Personal Strongholds and of replacing her contradictory beliefs with God's Truth. As she learned to receive and declare scriptural Truth about herself, God and others, she gained freedom from lifelong cycles in her life.

Dr. Sarah discusses her desire to return for more training. She wants to impart healing as she teaches nationals how to get free of captive spirits and personal strongholds. Because she is an author, she has a passion to return to Africa and set captives free with her writing. (Hopefully, she will invite Carlotta, Lou and our students to minister with her. ;-) )

She wants to have a safe place to role-play new areas of ministry with other students and to be activated in her spiritual ministry. Her goals are to help her people find their identity in Christ, to break the power cultural strongholds, to help oppressed women and children, to learn to do Restoration Prayer Ministry, healing ministry and to learn valuable Internet outreach skills.

Carlotta shares the cost and criteria to intern at Cross Walk Life for 1-12 months and the benefits of attending Resident Intern Modules 1, 2 and 3. Dr. Sarah offers tips for nationals about visiting the US, obtaining visas, buying round trip tickets, medical insurance, etc. (Our purpose is to train and equip you for ministry - not to help you move to America.)

You can intern part-time and serve part-time, learning how to serve God in team with other students, how to hear God's voice and to minister more effectively. You can apply to come for 1-12 months. If you would be interested in receiving personal ministry and/or being mentored as a resident intern, please email us.

We are praying that God will raise up laborers who are called: ministers He will equip and establish. Pray and know if God is calling you to come for ministry and training. God will confirm His will, way and timing with His provision, even above and beyond your needs, if He is calling you. Pray with your leadership - who will send you. Don't be a "went" - be a "sent." Amen?


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