First Things First

How do you spend your time? Are you putting God first? When you put Him first, things will go much smoother.

My science teacher used to always say, "First things first". I thought it was fitting for this subject.

This year I've been trying to spend my time more wisely. Devotions are not time wasted. And believe it or not, homework is not time wasted. When you actually take the time to do the important things, you realize how much time you truly have been wasting. Don't do devotions just to "get it over with". Don't even do homework just to "get it over with". Make the most of your opportunities God is giving you. He wants us to be good stewards of our time so He can trust us with more.

My mentor once described devotion time like this:

When you grab a bowl and put sand in, then small rocks, and then the big rocks, it won't all fit. However, when you take everything out, put the big rocks in first, the smaller rocks in next, and the sand in last, everything fits together: it's the same way with spending time with God. When you put Him first, everything else will fall into place. Not only will your day go smoother and you'll feel better, but you'll also find that you have more time to do things.

Time-management. What are you doing with your time? Are you being a good steward of your time? Are you allowing God to use you in miraculous ways? Or are you spending your time doing things for you, so you can have fun?

Think about it. You'll be amazed at how much wasted time you have in a day.

Put the most important things first (God). Add up the minutes, even hours, that you waste a day. Wasted time on facebook, pointless conversations, sleeping (when you should be in class or waking up early to do devotions), etc. You'll be amazed. Maybe it'll open your eyes. Allow God to work through you. Allow Him to teach you.

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