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Interview: Dr. Sarah Mkhonza 
Hear Part 1 and 2 

Recently, it was my (Carlotta's) privilege to interview Sarah Mkhonza, Ph.D., a writer activist and professor of English from the University of Swaziland. Dr. Sarah has published, novels, short stories and poetry. She has taught at Saint Mary's College and Michigan State and is currently a Visiting Scholar at Cornell University. In Part 1, Dr. Sarah shares about the positive impact new legislation is having for women. In Part 2, learn about opportunities for women in ministry in Swaziland.

Listen as she shares about cultural differences for believers in Africa:

  • Changing men's and women's roles

  • Women's rights to money and property

  • Christian marriage and polygamy

  • Western vs. traditional African dress

  • High respect for women in ministry and much more.

Dr. Sarah shares, "I have written articles that address issues of women and children because I feel there are a lot of problems that oppress women and children. Cultural settings around the world make women feel that they are inferior. They feel that they are obliged to please somebody before they can be liked. The stereotype of the "good girl," who marries and becomes a "good wife" often implies a very timid, shy and hardworking woman who does not get anything back for what she gives. I feel God created women to be His daughters and all women need to understand this. They need to learn it as we are learning about issues through the programs that Carlotta has put out."

"I write mostly about women and children. I have written two novels and a lot of poetry in anthologies both in the language of Swaziland (Siswati) and English. I would like people to read and learn more about Swaziland. I feel God wants to bless that country, but like all countries, some of the cultural practices are something that we all need to question. As a Swazi, I would like people inside the country and outside to start praying so that whatever strongholds are in that country may be broken. We will only be able to win the battle if we unite over issues of injustice as they obtain in the world. In my interview, I try to make readers understand what the issues in Swaziland are. I hope you will read more and identify what God wants you to do internationally at this time when His Spirit is being poured out on all flesh. God bless you."

(Sarah believes that textual intervention is a good method for writers to use in getting involved in creating understanding of issues and that texts that express issues of women and children are necessary for society to understand itself.)

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