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Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) is not just teaching, analyzing or talking bad habits to death. It is not presuming that we can use the steps that worked yesterday. It is not telling Jesus how to heal a person or telling the person what to imagine or visualize. It is not just praying that they will forget the pain, leave the past behind or even that they will not hurt anymore. It is not deliverance or healing alone.

Are you at risk? Do you need RPM? Restoration Prayer Ministry is the most thorough method I have found to remove blockages in a person's life and to empower them to fulfill their God given potential with joy. We are actually enabled by God to see past the surface problem to the hidden roots and we invite Him to touch every problem area. As a prayer minister, I am addressing spiritual root causes vs. counseling surface symptoms.

In Restoration Prayer Ministry, we offer a minimum of five sessions designed to address the 4 problem areas. Usually, the first 5-6 sessions are as follows:

  1. We take a 3 hour history to uncover generational patterns, ungodly beliefs, bitterroot judgments, bitter expectations, dishonor, word curses, hurts, bondages etc. If necessary, the history can be taken over 2 sessions if you prefer.

We renounce about 200 long standing generational sins and destructive patterns

We break ungodly soul ties and pray to release blocked emotions.

  • We pray and replace ungodly belief systems, bitter root expectations, self-powered inner vows, judgments etc. with Godly beliefs & responses.

We invite Jesus to touch partially healed hurts, to take our pain and render us healed people who are safe to partner with Him in healing people.

  • We come against every demonic bondage, habit or mind-set that is holding us back and retake the promises and blessing that rightfully belong to us.

Restoration Prayer Ministry is more effective than any natural modality - it is more thorough - Jesus is transforming us in the spiritual realm. We address all possible spiritual and psychological causes. We are also asking forgiveness and forgiving, not just one way, but five ways:

  1. forgiving others for their sins

  2. asking God to forgive us for judging / condemning others

  3. asking God to forgive us for our sinful reactions

  4. asking God to forgive us for blaming Him

  5. forgiving ourselves

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