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Restoration Prayer Ministry
(Six 3 hour sessions or more)
1. Here at Cross Walk Life
2. Via phone (audio only)
3. Via www.SKYPE.com

Ready for
in depth restoration?


Thank you for your interest in receiving Restoration Prayer Ministry. I am so glad that God has led you to us. We are available to you either by E-mail, phone or in person for 3-4 days. Because we are called to minister by appointment, we do not have a crises line.

To set appointments, you must do 3 things:

  1. Click here to email us a request for a phone interview to agree on an appointment schedule.
    Mail the
    Restoration Prayer Ministry Application
    Send us the first half of your donation.

See Founder's Page  for our bio and credentials. I am not a Psychologist but I am an ordained certified Restoration Prayer Minister. We offer Christian Prayer Ministry by phone or on site, at your ministry or ours.


Install free www.SKYPE.com
and use web cams if you prefer to add video to your phone ministry sessions.

Not required.


Phone counseling appointments are available to those who send the application and commit to a minimum of 6 three hour sessions. You may find that this is the best option for you, especially if you do not live in the Tallahassee area. Most clients prefer to use their "unlimited long distance plan" or to use their cell phone. (Keep in mind that we are in Eastern Standard Time.)  

Please read all these suggested articles before you call.

  1. What is RPM?
    Keys to Restoration
    True stories about RPM
    Rpm Bible Verses

    Download Restoration Prayer Ministry Application
    ail the hard copy application and original signatures to us. (Call for address.)
    Read the testimony below for more clarity.

We cannot guarantee a certain result, as so much depends on your transparency and the work of the Holy Spirit of God. If we surrender to Him, He is always faithful to give us far more abundantly than we ask or think and never gives us a rock if we ask for a fish. Amen?

To set appointments, you must do 3 things:

  1. Call to interview with Carlotta and agree on dates.
    Mail the
    Restoration Prayer Ministry Application
    Send us the first half of your donation.

You may use the donate button BELOW to send the first half of your donation to us and secure your preferred schedule quickly. OR you may mail your application and enclose a check.

First call: 850-830-8584    9am-7pm EST

You can schedule all six 3 hour sessions in a short period of time or weekly, BUT we reserve 18 hours only for those who actually return the application and make the effort to send half of their total donation up front.

All of our ministry is on a donation basis. See our application for more information. You may donate using your credit card or by beginning an easy Paypal account, by clicking the donate button below. You may also send the first half of your donation to reserve your appointments as you mail the original copy of your application.

You must mail the original application with original signatures to us.


Donate to Cross Walk Life, Inc. using Paypal or a credit card. It's easy and safe to register with Paypal.
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You also may want to make a donation for several other reasons:
  1. You want to help to underwrite our charitable outreaches the nations.
  2. You want to sponsor someone else for Restoration Prayer Ministry
  3. You want to help CWL continue to offer RPM ministry on a donation basis

For more information about how you can be involved in practical ways as a volunteer for Cross Walk Life, see How You Can Help.

We want to thank you most of all for your prayers and support as you recommend others to visit us at www.cwlinc.com.


Having the opportunity to do RPM was truly a gift from God. I believe he led me to Carlotta Waldmann at exactly the right time. Before I went through this process, I had no grip on applying the truth of God to practical situations. As I went through the sessions, I began to see the structures by which I had been operating, and had hope that they could be replaced.

Another aspect of RPM that has deepened my understanding is the principle of reaping and sowing. It was amazing to me that the Holy Spirit was showing me EXACTLY where certain behaviors had begun, how they were sown into my life through other generations, and how I had sown them into my own life.

Wow! I believe that because of RPM, led by the Holy Spirit and Carlotta Waldmann, I have a much better grip on my thought-life and the corresponding manifestations. I feel much more capable of identifying and combating the lies that Satan uses to make me fall. Also, I was truly shown how ‘the Kingdom of Self’ is at the root of nearly all of my issues today. I never knew that even the times when I vow to do better, I am sowing negative seed into my life, and working independently of God. Anything I try to do without God’s help is not guaranteed success, and is ultimately prideful.

Today I am able to identity the root instead of just the fruit!
As I identify, I can replace the lie….

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Please call soon because we book several weeks in advance.

In His unlimited grace,
Carlotta Waldmann, Th.B., R.N.
Founder of Cross Walk Life, Inc.
Reaching the unlikely at www.cwlinc.com


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