is still under prayerful construction but there will be more variety in teachings and teachers as other ministers are available. Pray as we ask them to contribute.

Our curriculum will be similar to this (but not necessarily in this order) as the Holy Spirit leads in these troubled times.


__ How victories prepare us
__ Increase your increase
__ NowFaith generation

__ Anointing, accountability & availability
__ Witness in the marketplace
God SETS YOU UP in ministry
__ Setting up your ministry
__ Knowing your calling
__ Legal aspects of ministry
__ Nutrition for the 72 hour minister
__ Women in ministry
__ Tips for itinerate ministers
__ Mentors and mentorees
__ Residential internships
__ Small group counseling
__ Grief and the spirit of grief
__ Divorce recovery
__ Depression and bipolar
__ Dissociation and multiple personalities
__ Dissociation assessment and screening
__ Dissociation and integrated ministry
__ Borderline personality disorder
__ Sexual addictions
__ Lust + fear + anger
__ Anxieties and phobias
__ Spiritual captivity and deliverance
__ Cleansing homes and lands
__ Domestic violence
__ Eating disorders
__ Types and functions of demons
__ Spiritual authority and power
__ Divine healing
__ Miracles and creative miracles
__ Substance abuse in the church
__ Breaking the power of intimidation
__ Supernatural evangelism
__ Knowing your personal purpose
__ Adjusting your personality style
__ Dreams and visions
__ Baptism of the Holy Spirit
__ Communion with God and journaling
__ Activating spiritual gifts
__ Using revelation gifts
__ Prophetic gifts and protocol
__ Building prophetic ministry teams
__ Five-fold ministry teams
__ European union and end-times
__ Witchcraft and Satanism in the church
__ New World Order agenda
__ Saints movement and a great awakening

Please email any other suggestions to us. Thank you for your prayers.
Carlotta Waldmann


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