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Would you like to come to us in Santa Rosa Beach, FL?
Want Restoration Prayer Ministry? A Healing Retreat?
Residential Internship? Prophetic Training and Activation?
Or should we bring the ministry to your location?

#1 If you would like to schedule personal ministry sessions, discuss scheduling training seminars for your own ministry, to schedule appointments or for existing appointments:  Call  850-830-8584
Please leave your name and number twice so that we can return your call. If you would rather write, please contact us.

To reserve your appointments, do 2 things:
Return the completed application and send us the first half of your donation. Use the PayPal donate button to send your deposit donation and reserve appointments now OR enclose a check when you mail your application.

#2 Helpful links to plan your trip to Santa Rosa Beach, FL can be found at: 

         Northwest Florida Beaches International  Airport              


Santa Rosa Beach Accommodations


#3 Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

#4 Print your maps and directions
Ask us for the exact address of confidential events.

#5 Car Rental Information
Avis Car Rental 1-800-331-1600

#6 Choose Accommodations (mention Cross Walk Life)


#7 Directions to your event:
Ask for specific directions to your event when you schedule.


#8 Choose Life - body, soul and spirit!
For best results, we suggest you read suggested texts before coming.
Ask which text would best prepare you to be able to receive more.

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