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Jesus offers healing, not just coping or managing the chaos.

Ministry Training School
VIDEO Class #5

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Small group ministry is all about relationship and ministry of the Father's heart. We are hurt in relationships and we are usually healed and mentored in relationships. Small group members experience tremendous release and healing as they find that others face similar challenges and have similar feelings - they are not alone! There is an incredible atmosphere of trust and bonding as we learn to share our hearts in safety and in new ways.

We agree not to interrupt, condemn, correct, fix or challenge another's heart. We simply are there to listen with compassion, understanding and support as each one hears God for themselves, as they walk through their healing. We simply promise to stand with them for healing, freedom and victory!

are agreements I make with Jesus on a voluntary basis, to be accountable to Him. This is not a demand, but a desire to be submitted to each other as well and:

to love and accept you unconditionally regardless

to deal lovingly and directly with you vs. hide what I think or feel

to open my heart to you, warts and all and to remain open to you

to sacrifice time in prayer for you because your needs are important

to serve you with time, energy and anything that I have

to attend faithfully, not hindering the work of Jesus in our lives

to give you the right to question my walk, as you are led by God

to keep everything shared absolutely confidential and to cover you

to begin to find ways to sacrifice myself for others outside the group

There are several ways of sharing that may be good in other situations, but will kill the open atmosphere of the small group ministry. Group ministry is not the platform for critical prophecy, dominating by teaching, talking down to as a parent might, recruiting for your side, long-winded stories, rushing to avoid real sharing, hogging the group time with new victim roles, always having new visitors, and disrupting the flow of the Spirit and or the leader.

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Small group ministry is an effective tool to teach members to minister with love and compassion, as they listen to the Spirit with one ear and listen to a person with the other ear.

The family atmosphere is developed more easily in small groups. In every person there is an innate hunger for Father's love and a need to be fathered and mothered by Godly leaders.

Leaders help members to get their own needs met by ministry in the Spirit, knowing they are then more likely to move their focus outside of themselves and minister to others, in the power of the Holy Spirit. As members are encouraged to own their calling to membership ministry, praying for others, they themselves are healed.

The emphasis in small group ministry is more on learning to minister effectively than learning the content of the lesson mentally. Facilitating Spirit led discussion replaces lecture style teaching methods. Openness to input and counsel is encouraged over hiding weaknesses. Giving pat answers, personal opinions, advising and bragging should be replaced by actively listening to others and supporting others, as they hear God for their own situations.

As the leaders sense those who are good team members (receiving the truth in love and deferring to others in group balance), they will allow them to demonstrate effective ministry imparting that submission and sensitivity to the whole group. Those who still tend to "have all the answers" and dominate the group with their intellectual prowess, with be gently encouraged to depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the fresh manna and the anointing.

Prayer ministry is always a major ingredient because teaching information does not heal and deliver our bondages.Without prayer ministry, we would teach by our own example, that we should change ourselves by more self-effort. Singing and praising is never merely a mood setter for the teaching, but is accessing God's presence and power through praise.

Sharing is from the member's "heart to heart relationship" with God and usually begins with their own personal interactions (versus trying to teach or preach someone else's revelation.) The word says we should confess our sins to one another that we may be healed. This is not the place for competition for the stage or religious superiority. A good leader is a facilitator in helping people learn to listen carefully to each other and to learn to follow the creative leading of the Holy Spirit for this moment.

1. Personal security to weather storms and personal criticism
2. To be visibly faithful and consistent to exemplify love, obedience and openness
3. Ability to rise above personal feelings to meet needs in the group
4. Empathy to actually feel the needs and feelings of others
5. Ability to accept others exactly where they are and to be flexible
6. Leads in order to serve others, not to feel good personally
7. Knows when to sacrifice attention to the one for the good of the whole or visa versa.
8. Has a solid grasp of the Word and essentials of our faith
9. Are raised up as the quality of their wisdom draws others to them
10. Makes long term commitments to build the members of this body
11. Follows leadership well with a heart felt support of the vision and goals
12. Can receive and give love, openness and correction with true humility.

1. Balances group time with worship, discussion and prayer ministry to each other.
2. Keeps the focus of the group on the video of the week and ministry by the Holy Spirit.
3. Discerns the unique plan of the Holy Spirit to minister one issue to each person.
4. Is clearly the leader when challenged, yet demonstrates humility and submission.
5. Empowers those who are anointed to minister rather than dominates ministry time.
6. Makes sure all members have time to share and draws out their heart felt need.
7. Protects members from premature ministry, pressure, probing, punishment or preaching.
8. Sets a tone of Father's heart ministry and learns how to father/mother each one.
9. Relies on the Holy Spirit's lead, demonstrating and utter dependence on Father God.
10. Redirects distracting members back to the MTS prayer to be practiced that week.


1. Discerns if the member is ripe or if they choose to stay in their pain for awhile.
2. NEVER insists but asks permission to touch, pray or ask questions.
3. Stops ministry when the Holy Spirit says this is enough progress for now.
4. Prays loosing and binding prayers in agreement with scriptures, "It is written... "
5. Affirms strong points, truths embraced, talents used and insights seen.
6. Disciples each member in new disciplines of prayer, journaling and hearing God.
7. Equips the body, stirs up their gifts and imparts confidence to fulfill their calling.
8. Remains a safe place where sheep find quiet water and healing oil for wounds.
9. Activates members in healing prayer, spiritual authority and supernatural evangelism.
10. Lays his knowledge and experience on the altar again, welcoming the Holy Spirit anew.

TIPS: Know the vision of your small group and include those who are like-minded. A similar measure of maturity and pattern of needs contributes to faster growth. Enable quieter personality types to participate more and extroverts to listen more attentively. Allow stretching in the ministry with spiritual gifts by giving them room to "miss it." Lastly, remember to pray and minister in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that breaks every yoke.

Lord, we thank You for being our Father. We bless You for the love You have poured out on us and for the opportunity of learning more about You and growing in faith. We confess that even with You as our Father, we still don’t always know how to relate to one another as family. We neglect to listen or even respond as Your children. We choose again to relate You, spirit to Spirit, rather than in mind only. We choose to hold our hearts open, to give and to receive.

Thank You for this small group, where we can begin to understand Your ways and mature in our comprehension of what it means to be a contributing member in the family of God. Lord, touch our eyes that we may see beyond the surface, to see as You see. Touch our ears that we may hear one another’s hearts and not just the words spoken. Touch our minds that we may be open to understand all You want to teach us. Touch our hearts that we may be quick to comfort, encourage, and support one another. Touch our wounds as we risk to be vulnerable to share our weaknesses and failures, hoping for healing, forgiveness and restoration. Touch our wills as we choose to unconditional surrender to You.

In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Master, we receive the spiritual authority we have as children of Father God. We cancel every assignment of the enemy against this ministry time, against us, our pets, possessions, property, our families and everybody we care about. We command all demonic forces to leave and go to the dry uninhabited places and never come back. We place the cross between us and our own uncrucified flesh. We place a hedge of protection and a wall of fire around us and say that this is a safe place where no demonic forces can even hear or see what is going on. We welcome only the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to move in love and power, in new ways, in healing, in gifts, in miracles and impartation. We receive words of wisdom, knowledge and prophetic words.

Lord, anoint this small group time with Your power, Your presence and Your anointing. We receive your courage to share our heart concerns and our deepest joys. Guard us from anything that would hinder our spiritual journey. Help us to become like little children, for in this harmless innocence of mind we can enter into Your kingdom as Your family. Just like children, we need to experiment, to risk, to try our gifts. Meet each of us where we are and make us ever aware of Your constant presence and power within to mold us more and more into the likeness of Your Son Jesus, that we may learn how to be truly family. We choose to receive you as our Father and each other as family. Amen

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