A Prayer of Repentance with Restitution

Lord, I stand devastated before You, undone not only by the damage I have caused another, but by how I have grieved You as well. My sin has resulted in broken trust and shattered relationships. Father, I am so very sorry for the pain and sorrow I have caused.

Although it hurts to see and feel the pain I brought to someone else, impress the cost of my sin deeply into my heart so that I won’t forget. I never want another person to be injured like this again because of my sin. Guard me from repeating this in anyone else’s life and keep me keep me dependent of You to live Your life of love through me..

Forgive me for my cruel actions and words. Wash me clean in the blood of Christ, who loved me and gave His life to provide for my forgiveness. Transform me into the image of Jesus, who died and rose again to supply the strength to live a changed life.

Lord, bless the person(s) I have sinned against and pour the oil of comfort into those wounds. Don’t let anger or bitterness get a foothold in their life. Create a fresh understanding of the presence of Your Holy Spirit. Prepare our hearts to extend and receive forgiveness as You bring healing to us both.

Lord, as I repent, I trust you to also heal the losses that I have suffered. I lost my inner circle, some church friends, family and business relationships. My pride has turned to shame and depression. I lost my definition of myself - my identity. I still grieve over material losses that I never anticipated when I chose to sin. Most of all my family relationships have to be rebuilt one day at a time, one memory at a time.

I choose to give You time to transform me from the inside out. When I have fully met Your requirements for restoration and have brought healing to others with restitution, help me to rest in You as my source forever. Cause my eyes to see You in my leaders who guide me back to the ministry You want to do through me. Give me new vision of restoration, to walk in Your gifts and to fulfill Your call.

In Your infinite wisdom, Lord, turn this grief into something good. Let the memory of this experience empower me to discover what restitution is needed to rebuild trust and friendship. By Your resurrection power within me, help me walk worthy of a child of the light, for that will bring honor and glory to Your name.