Recognizing Patterns
Tracing from Fruit to Root
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We have been thrilled as God has been revealing new strategies to heal and set people free. Our plan is to offer a new level two workshop to train you to minister more effectively to survivors of trauma and abuse. In addition, we will offer a level three workshop to help you minister healing and freedom to survivors of mind control and programming. Let us know if you would like to participate. I am available to lead workshops in PA or at your ministry.

People will fall away from the church and go elsewhere if the ministry they have receive from Christians is shallow and ineffective. They may ask for prayer about surface symptoms and causes but we will believe that they will receive healing and freedom from root symptoms and causes. God is calling able ministers who have the heart of a true minister, who purpose to form meaningful relationships, who are trained to do "active listening" for the root issues and causes, and who discern God's prayer strategy.

Just as horses will voluntarily line up at the barn to receive water and feed, people will line up to receive living water and fresh manna when they know it will bring health, power, purpose and identity. If you have the heart of a true minister people will voluntarily line up or contact you to receive HIS LIFE through you. They will test your fruit to see if it is love, light and life.

True Spirit-filled ministers are NOT FIXERS or co-dependents who constantly focus on fixing others while neglecting their own issues and own quiet times with God. True ministers do not rush to fix others out of their natural knowledge, in their own strength, without the anointing of God, or try to talk problems to death. True ministers lay down all their natural abilities and all that has worked in the past on the altar and wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal root issues and His supernatural strategy to pray about them.

To disciple the new believers who will come in this next great awakening, we have to care enough to form real relationships, because people are wounded in relationships and healed in relationships. Jesus demonstrated the importance of hearing what the Father says to say and doing the unique ministry for each individual that the Father says to do.

The Bible says that if we have bad fruit on our tree, the bad roots are on our tree. We must learn to pray, tracing from the bad fruit to the bad root and repent on a root level. Otherwise we will only be picking bad fruit, not getting to the root symptoms and causes.

Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Matt 7:17-18 NIV

You will learn to compassionately trace from fruit to root by:

  • Doing Holy Spirit led active listening to identify with the other
  • Discerning with spiritual understanding vs. figuring them out
  • Releasing the painful root cause lodged deep in their hearts
  • Release the power of God to heal and deliver effectively

Listening with our minds for surface patterns

Discerning causes / effect in surface situations

Listening with our hearts for the root wounds

Listening to the Holy Spirit for root causes
Surface symptoms

Surface causes

Root symptoms

Root causes

Identify the 3 most common things that many children "do not get" that eventually produce root issues and bad fruit in their lives as they get older.

You will be able to identify 18 common root issues and to how to break the power of them and to set people free with Holy Spirit-led prayer strategy.

You will be able to minister using keys to keen Spirit-led discernment:

  • Empathetic listening without taking up their offense.
  • Drawing them out with divinely inspired questions
  • Laying your natural knowledge, experience and methods on the altar
  • Avoiding the golden apples (distractions) they may toss out

We are believing for a third great awakening; we want to discern it!
I encourage you to pray this simple prayer daily this week to increase your own discernment of root symptoms, causes and Holy Spirit-led prayer strategy to release healing and freedom.


Prayer #4: A Prayer for Discernment

Lord, I thank You for Your Word that gives me direction and understanding to discern and face the truth about myself. I ask for Your anointing to be able to recognize self-destructive habits or life patterns that produce bad fruit because of a harmful or sinful root. Bring healing and comfort for present hurts and wounds; then look with me, through the clear eyes of Your love, into my past. Show me how, where, and when this hurt began and give me the courage to confront whatever You reveal. Together, in Your power, we can overcome anything.

Help me see my sinful reactions with clarity so that the power of forgiveness can bring down the walls of resentment, anger, and pain I have built. Forgive me for judging those I held responsible for aiding me in planting my sinful roots. I freely forgive anyone who nurtured or encouraged the growth of fruit that was detrimental. I forgive myself for allowing my mind and body to be led into destructive habits and life patterns.
Father, You alone can guide me through the tangled forest of my past. You have seen my life from its very beginning. Nothing surprises or shocks You, for You already know all about me and still You continue to amaze me with Your constant love.

Open my mind and my memories to discern the harmful roots in my past that have developed destructive habits or life patterns over the years, resulting in damaging or worthless fruit. Hew Your axe of grace into my harmful or sinful roots and free me to produce good fruit worthy of a child of God.
Lord, as I partner with You to minister to others, I lay everything I think I know on the altar: all my training, all my experience and every method that has worked in the past.

Open my spiritual ears to hear on 3 levels: mind, heart and spirit. Open my eyes to see past their sin to their painful wounded roots and how You want to heal them. Give me keen discernment to know how to bring them to repentance for their sinful reactions. Be that skillful detective in me that would notice what is conspicuously absent in their story.

Most of all, may I be a demonstration of Your gentleness, only offering ministry where I am clearly invited. May I be in perfect concert with Your will, Your way and Your timing. May I have the true heart of a minister who comes only to restore in humility, know except for your grace, there go I. Amen

Those who turn in all 40 personal homework testimonies and keep the notebook will be eligible for a certificate of completion from our ministry.

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