Prayer to Forgive Others and Asking Forgiveness 5 Ways

Today, right now, I am choosing to forgive, to reach ahead toward healing but Father, I do not know how to make forgiveness happen. My emotions are raw and bleeding right now. I am afraid to trust and leave my heart open to be hurt again. But I know true forgiveness is a conscious choice, not an emotion. I can choose to forgive, even if my feelings tell me I do not want to or can not. Please give me the willingness and the inner resolve to keep on choosing to forgive until it becomes real to me and is accomplished in me by Your power.

Like a wounded child, let me nestle into Your lap for comfort. Salve my bruised emotions and my aching heart. Pour in Your love until there is no room for my own self pity. Father, I choose to release all the bitterness stored in my heart against those who have hurt me, whether intentionally or not.

Forgive me for all the condemning judgments I have made on others, in hopes of getting even or avenging the hurt they caused. Rather than accusation, I ask that You send blessings to those who wounded me, for Your goodness can lead their hearts to repentance.

Show me where I need to seek forgiveness.
Show me if even 10% of this conflict is my fault and what needs to be dealt with in my heart. Protect me from any sense of false guilt, if reconciliation is not possible.

Forgive me for all my sinful responses and actions against those who hurt me. Your Word teaches that You can forgive me because the price for my forgiveness has already been paid by the death of Your Son. This holds true as I choose to forgive others as well. The price has been paid in full by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Lord, please forgive me for projecting onto You my childish pictures of what a father is or should be. Enlighten the eyes of my heart to see You and love You as You really are, and to follow You with child-like trust, resting in Your protection.

I also forgive myself for clutching resentment, wearing my victimhood like a medal. I forgive myself for believing Satan's deception. By Your resurrection power within me, I break off the chains of resentment or bitterness that bind my heart and mind. I choose to be free to be a demonstration of Your love, life, mercy and grace.

Forgiving Others with Gethsemane Prayers

1. I hold up to the Lord all the things about _________ that trouble me.

Father, I hold every hurt up to You as I list them and place them in my cupped hands. I ask You to pour Your love and healing power through them. I ask you to take all the pain out of my memory, mind and spirit and to leave me with the wisdom. I ask you to redeem every experience I have had. I choose to trust you to deal with them.

2. I hold up to the Lord all the things about me that trouble ___________.

Lord, show me all the ways that I have troubled __________ and the hurt I have caused them. As I honestly hold each of my sinful responses up to you in my hands, I ask you to forgive me for the damage I have done and to bring my flesh to death on the cross. I ask You to pour Your healing power over _________ and anyone I have hurt and to heal all their hurts and pain.

3. I hold up to the Lord my heart's desire for _________.

Lord, _________ is Your child and You have a wonderful plan to heal, restore and to equip them to fulfill Your purposes in Your Kingdom. They are Yours and I choose to agree with You as you are faithful to finish that which You have begun in their life. I choose to pray in faith believing for Your plans, Your purposes, Your will, Your ways and Your timing in their life. I praise You ahead of time for victory, blessing and promotion in their life.

4. I hold up to the Lord my heart's desire for myself.
Lord, I also hold up to you the desires of my heart and Your plans for me. I choose to release all of them to You and place them on the altar. I choose to trust You as You perfect all that concerns me and my calling in You. I receive Your Spirit, Your mind, Your power and Your love to say what You say to say and to do what You say to do, one day at a time. I am not anxious as I choose to believe that nothing anyone else does or says can limit Your faithfulness to me. I choose to be filled with Your Spirit, Your gifts and to demonstrate Your fruit -- even to those who need it the most. Amen