Prayer for Rightly Handling Emotions #12

Father, I thank You for the gift of emotions. They are a part of being made in Your image. Emotions form a portion of my personality and they help me know what it means to be human. Forgive me for the times I have allowed myself to be led more by my emotions than by Your Truth. Please forgive me for the times when I have dumped intense feelings on others when I should have gotten wise counsel first. Forgive me for when I added ungodly beliefs and behaviors to legitimate feelings, making them into ungodly emotions.

I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to experience the full measure of humanity. You know not only what I think but what I feel as well. As Jesus was dying on the cross, He cried out in anguish and suffering, feeling the agony and devastating loss of fellowship with You, His Father. All this He did for me, to pay for my forgiveness and grant me a new life, empowered by the Holy Spirit within me. Through Your grace alone, Lord, I choose to allow You to transform my mind, my will and emotions to be a reflection of yours.

I forgive myself for building walls which locked me away from loved ones and friends. I thought the barriers would protect me from getting hurt, but they only kept me from Your truth and intimacy. I guarded myself from others and from You as well. I’m so sorry.

I forgive those who may have taught me to close my heart because of their hurtful actions and words. I ask Your forgiveness for judging them. Help me to see how my judgmental attitudes energize my negative emotions and only makes things worse.

Teach me how to be fully human, to understand and accept my feelings, without being controlled by them. Give me the courage to open my heart and listen to the messages inside. I give over to You the control of my emotions, the control of my life. I choose to trust You for wisdom in handling emotional situations in the future.

Holy Spirit of God, tutor me to be that active listener who can be trusted to pray, when others are ready to share intense feelings. I choose to be an expression of Your heart, to validate other people and to give them permission to be real. May I be one who will help others to feel free to be honest, to start from where they are and yet to remain open to receive honest responses to their emotions. Thank You Lord, for renewing our hearts and minds.

Breaking Soul Power Prayer

taken from Breaking the Power (pg 30, Bridge-Logos, 1995) -
Copyrighted material used here by permission of author, Rev. Liberty Savard

Bless the Lord, O my soul, with all that is within you. Bless His holy name! Soul, I bind you to your destiny as a fully surrendered and divinely created part of God's Kingdom purposes. I bind myself to the destiny that Christ has made possible for me through divine covenant relationship, a new spiritual family heritage, and a new bloodline. You, soul, will come into alignment with my divine destiny purposes.

Soul, I loose (smash, destroy, rip apart) the wrong beliefs, wrong attitudes, and wrong patterns of thinking you have created to try to control my life. I loose all denial, deception, and discouragement from you. I loose the influences and effects of the word curses you have perceived as "truth". I loose the influences and effects of the wrong agreements and ungodly soul ties you have entered into.

You, soul, were created by God to translate His revelation and understanding to the hurting of this world--you were not created to run my life! You will learn to delight in what God has in store for you. Through a renewed mind, healed emotions, and the courage of a surrendered will, you are going to bring forth answers and new understanding to many. You will cooperate with my regenerated spirit.

Mind, once you turned in circles like a rat caught in a maze, constantly going over and over decisions you had no answers for, yet you felt trapped into making. The unresolved issues you kept trying to bury crawled up out of their soulish graves again and again. Mind, I bind you to the realization of divine interventions occurring all the time in the problems you could never solve before--but now God solves while you sleep.

Emotions, forget how you once reeled between laughter and tears, boldness and fear, hope and despair, affection and anger. You frightened people with tears of neediness and outbursts of anger. You fueled my feelings of rejection, betrayal, and loneliness. You will now receive divine peace, embrace joy and hope, and respond to the Holy Spirit's lifting power when old, negative feelings try to ascend.

Will, forget not the causes and the battles you used to engage in, rigidly implacable and unrelenting in your stands. Unrepentant, unbending, unyielding, unwilling to work with others' ideas, you alienated many from me. You caused much grief with your stubbornness and rebellion to God's ways. But you are learning how to be strong, yet flexible; to be right, yet entreatable; to be bold, yet gentle; to be courageous, yet concerned for others. Only the Holy Spirit can perfectly balance these strengths in me.

Soul, you will surrender the barricades you have erected over the deepest, darkest chambers within me. I loose the self-denial, the self-protectiveness, the self-defense, and the self-centeredness protecting my vulnerabilities that are so needful of God's grace. I loose the lies and all guilt you have tormented me with over things that were not my fault. I loose the deceptions you have hammered me with and have used to cause me to cave in to your control.

Lord, may your truth always be the plumb line to true up my thoughts, feelings, and choices. I want your truth to be the straight edge of my spirit, the guiding light of my life, and the backbone of my soul. Bless the Lord, O my soul, with all that is within you. Forget not His benefits. Remember what He has done for you! Amen

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