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Prayer 2: A prayer of thanks for God’s Law


Father, I thank You for Your good law and for the understanding I now have to see how I abused its authority. I missed the goodness and blessing built into Your law, seeing only an endless list of do’s and don’ts. In striving to keep this list, I see now that I was trying to gain Your approval and a good standing among Your people. Mostly, I was seeking my own justification, that by being “good” in my own eyes, I was somehow better than other Christians. I didn’t see that it was my own sin that turned Your good law into an impossible burden. I didn’t see Your law as coming from a loving Father, designed to keep me, as Your beloved child, close to Your grace and strength.


Please forgive me for judging others for not following Your law as well as I thought I was doing. Let my self-righteousness be exchanged for Your righteous life in me. I’m so sorry for looking down on others when they failed to keep Your law perfectly. I didn’t understand how sowing and reaping affected my life, how my judgment locked me into the same attitudes I condemned in others. I became a mirror for what I most disliked.


I forgive myself for my own fruitless endeavors and for relying moreon Your people than on You and then becoming angry, bitter, and disillusioned when they let me down.


Lord, forgive me for the times I blamed You for being such a harsh task master, insisting on holiness in Your children. I didn’t understand that holiness could only come through the power of Your Holy Spirit and that He was ready and willing to live out that holiness in me.


I saw Your law as many things: a rigid pattern to be followed with fearful steps, a way to earn favor with You and other Christians, a path to my own self-righteousness. But Your law showed me what my sin truly is and that I was doomed to failure in my own strength. Now I understand that, because of the cross of Christ and His blood shed for me, there is no kind of condemnation due those who follow You. By the resurrection power in me, I am now free to choose to let You live out Your law of love in me, so that others will see Your goodness flowing through me and want to follow You as well. You will do through me what I could not do for myself.


Thank You for this freedom and for the truth of Your good law and how it offers Your children security and safety as they trust in You. It isn’t an impossible burden; it is a mighty gift from an all-powerful and loving God.



Prayer 1: The Cross Walk Prayer (also an excellent maintenance prayer)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I have a negative pattern in my life, that is not Godly and I cannot get rid of it by myself. I know that a bad fruit has a bad root. I don't want this pattern of ___________________ any longer. I don't want to reap this in my own life or in the people around me. Please show me the spiritual root of it and how to deal with my part of this problem.

Did I sow this and now I am reaping it, more and later? Gal. 6:7-10
Did I dishonor my parents or authorities in this area? Eph. 6:1-3
Did I judge someone and now I draw that thing to me? Matt. 7:1, Rom. 2:1-4
Has a bitter root sprung up in me, defiling others? Heb. 12:14-15

1. I RECOGNIZE that the reason this problem of ____________________ is now a pattern in my own life, is because of my sinful reaction of (dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself or bitter root expectation.) The fruit is that now I am reaping similar problems in myself and others around me according to the LAW of sowing and reaping. I am reaping this crop because of my sinful reactions to their sin.

2. I REPENT AND FORGIVE 5 WAYS FOR EACH PATTERN - for (1.) reacting sinfully to them, (2.) for blaming you God, (3.) for sowing similar sins myself, (4.) for not forgiving myself. (5.) and for not forgiving them right away. Please forgive me as I forgive others. I choose to agree with you, Lord, and to have your reactions.

3. I RENOUNCE my sin of dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself or bitter root expectation. I choose to forgive them, releasing them to you, the Judge of all the earth.

4. RELEASE me from reaping this crop that is now mine to reap because of my sinful reactions to others.

5. I RECKON dead on the cross all flesh that identifies with this reaction and all automatic reactions that I have developed with it. I ask you Jesus, to bring it to death, because I cannot. Create in me a pure heart that agrees with your responses.

6. RESURRECT your likeness into every area that you have brought to death.

7. RESTORE all the years that the locusts have eaten while I was disobedient. I
RECLAIM all the spiritual blessings that I and my family have missed.
REWARD us for generations to come, as we sow true discernment, grace and mercy. Thank you Lord for the forgiveness you have provided for us on the cross and all the blessings that we are free to walk in now. We believe you for them! Amen

This prayer is an excellent maintenance prayer after receiving Restoration Prayer Ministry. Being healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit is only the beginning. We have to learn to pray, "It is written ..." daily and to stay in agreement with God in order to maintain our freedom and to take all that God has promised us.

If you want to learn the easy way and MUCH FASTER ... Simply make a list of all your parent's faults (without mercy.) Assume that as a child, you probably judged and dishonored them at some point. You can include other authorities too, if you really want to get freedom fast!! Pray the prayer now BEFORE the bad seeds flower.