A Prayer to Clear Out Bitterroot Expectations and Judgments

Lord, I come before You in humility, seeking Your help for a problem I caused in my own life and cannot uproot in my own strength. Because I sowed judgment against others for their sins and failures, I focused on the behavior or attitude I hated and now find the same thing cropping up in me. I am reaping a harvest of harmful roots of bitterness, resentment and anger. The garden of my heart is not fit for You to walk in, Father.

Please forgive me for the times I put the blame on You for not protecting me from the darts aimed at me by other people, even Christians. I thought it was Your fault for having such lousy children. Now I see that my own behavior and attitude judged them, forcing them on the defensive. In my eyes, they became what I expected them to be.

I need to change and I can’t do it without the power of Your Holy Spirit in me. Please forgive me my sinful reactions and judgments and for how I’ve hurt others through my own choices. Forgive me for enticing anyone else to follow the tangled path I laid out for others because of my own self-fulfilling expectancies.

By the power of the blood of Christ poured out on the cross, I choose to forgive, letting go of my right to hold any offense against those who hurt me. Because Jesus paid the price for my sin and theirs, I choose to release my anger and bitterness to You, Lord. Please remove all traces of resentment from my heart and bring all the sinful seeds I have sown to death on the cross.

You alone, Lord, are the Righteous Judge of all the earth. The judgment I sent out was unjust and unwarranted, harmful not only to myself but to those around me. I forgive myself for allowing my own judgmental attitude to stunt my faith and give rise to bitter roots within my life. I ask you to bring all these fleshly structures of judgmental reactions to death on the cross. Weed out my bitter roots and cleanse the soil of my inner man. Make me a well-watered garden, full of the fruit of the Spirit, that my life would please

Counselor or Minister:

I forgive you. As a minister of the gospel and according to God's Word, because you have forgiven those who sinned against you, the Lord has forgiven you. With the authority invested in me as a minister, I say that the power of each judgment spoken here today, has been broken off your life and off of theirs. Jesus has brought every sinful seed to death on the cross and is raising up His likeness in its place. He is replacing all the years that the locusts have eaten with reward and blessing as you sow new godly seeds. He is transforming your mind so that you will be a demonstration of His gracious, merciful and loving responses and will continue to bring any judgmental attitudes to the cross. I will stand with you as Jesus completes that which He has begun in you.