A Prayer to Discern and Honor Parents and Authorities
(A big thanks to Kay Flowers for help in writing these prayers.)

Lord, I come to You with the same painful memories in my head. You have heard my complaints, my resentments, and have endured my temper tantrums over and over. This time it’s different. I want to break the cycle of asking forgiveness for the sins I keep repeating. I see it now for what it is—the result of judging my mother or my father and authorities.

In sowing dishonor toward my mother or father or authorities, I began reaping an unwanted harvest of injury because of my judgment. Thinking myself righteously indignant, I kept my distance from them, holding my heart aloof and not trusting them enough to give love freely. My family and friends have also suffered because of my judgmental attitudes.. Now I am reaping similar issues in my current relationships with authority figures and other's attitudes toward my authority. The cycle of sowing and reaping extends far beyond the little circle of two or three where it began.

I see now that this is not just a surface problem I can control through my own will. I am not immune from Your spiritual laws and things are not going well with me. (Deut. 5:16) This is a destructive force that pushes and pulls me in directions I don’t want. I find myself doing and saying the very same things I judged my parents or authorities for and had vowed I would never repeat. Father, I hate the damage I am doing and the hurt I cause to others. Only Your power can free me from this. I want to be a different person and to enjoy the umbrella of protection that You have provide through my authorities.

Because I judged my parents and authorities in my own expectations, I dishonored them and even hurt them. Through the shed blood of Christ and His finished work on the cross, I choose to forgive them and release them from any bondage I may have placed on them through my stubborn condemnation of what I considered unfair treatment or unwise decisions. I know that being human, like me, they made mistakes.

I’m sorry I blamed You, Lord, for not giving me perfect parents and authorities or at least the kind I thought I wanted. So many misunderstandings and quarrels could have been avoided if I had only seen Your hand of guidance and followed Your wisdom. Forgive me for overlooking the times You protected me.

I forgive myself for judging them, for hurting and dishonoring them. I ask Your help, Lord, to better discern authorities and for dealing with any future incidents or memories. Let me to encourage rather than condemn and tear down. Show me how to mend the wounds I have caused and build new behaviors and habits within me. I ask that You break this attitude of judgment and life this pattern of behavior out of my life. Bring them to death on Your cross so that no further harmful reaping comes from my anger and resentment.

Now that I have chosen to forgive my authorities, I am free to sow trust in You and in the experiences You bring into my life. Now that I have repented of judgmental critical attitudes, I can better discern them with Your true spiritual discernment. I don't fear more painful reaping cycles because I am sowing Your mercy and grace along with healthy boundaries. I am looking forward to an abundant harvest of spiritual fruit that will not only strengthen my own faith but will also benefit others whose lives I may touch.

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