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A Prophetic Prayer for All
but Especially for Men!

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Early this morning, I was watching the deer cross our property and I remembered that God would have us pant after Him as the deer pant after water. A prophetic prayer began to bubble up in me, a prayer for all, but especially for the men rose up. I heard the Lord saying, "Just as the deer rise up early, I long for you to rise up early with passion for Me [God], a hunger for Me. Just as the Bible says to study to know what pleases the Lord, I want you to humble yourself before Me and want to know what pleases Me. Tell the people I will take that pride that tempts you to focus on other things ... that might meet your needs ... the pride that desires to have needs met instantly ... right now ... from any source ... whether or not it is from Me.

I will take that pride that causes you to rush out of the King's court because you are too busy or too pressed by the urgency of the world. I will cause you to lay aside what foolishly distracts you and I will give you a whole new heart that really has a passion for Me. I will make you to be wise, to seek after Me with your whole heart, so I can bless you. I want you to have everything I have promised you. You can have it all! In My presence, you will realize that what will fill your heart is not success, material things, marriage, security, a better economy or finding that one who would dote on you, serve you and wait on you with adoration.

No matter what you try to use to fill that void, nothing will fill it but Me, My anointing and My presence. When you try to fill the hole with worldly things, it will only stretch it out and make the empty hole seem bigger. But when you look for Me, you will find Me and will be filled to overflowing. But you think that when you wait for Me, that I will hide from you and then you will be frustrated. I want to share the passion of my heart and give you a new passion to know Me -- to really know Me.

I want you to come to Me, to come anticipating that you will hear my Rhema Word ... just for you ... that fits like a key and a lock. You will know that it is just for you. You will have a new passion get into my Word and allow Me to illuminate it just for you. You will play worship music and learn to truly worship me in Spirit and in Truth with your whole heart.

Worship Me and I will meet you there. It is a foreign thing to you to think 'relationship' vs. 'tasks.' You long to be somebody and to get it together, to maximize your potential. But as you look to Me instead of to people for appreciation, affirmation, to define your identity, to give you hope and to tell you what success is, then you will find it all in Me. You will learn to bask in My love and to let My perfect love cast out all your fears.

You say that you had to be independent, responsible for yourself, that you don't know how to depend on Me. But I will take your fear of transparency, fear to remain open, fear of rejection and I will bring my own presence into your heart. I will fill it, renew it and give you a new heart. As you spend time with Me early in the morning, you will know that you have My Word for the day and that your Father cares about your day. Even now I am taking away the urgency to rush off to other things. I care and you will know that your Father has re-ordered your day, has given you His priorities and is taking the distractions that would rob you of the confidence you can have in Me.

I am giving you a purpose, to partner with Me, to be an expression of Me, not letting anything steal your focus. In Me you will find purpose that satisfies - not guilt or shame. I died to lift you up out of all of it, to give you a new heart. You will be secure, knowing you are funded, accepted and blessed as you focus on Me. You will not be afraid. You will not be just strong as steel but also like velvet, as you are focused on Me.

You will be addicted to My Word for the day, addicted to my Rhema Words for you. You will not be obsessed with the opposite sex, status, preeminence, prominence, prosperity or pleasure in the world. You will know that your prayers are answered because you and I are on the same track. The key is this: As you humble yourself before Me each morning, you will be strong in Me, in the center of my will and you will have true joy because you know that you know you are received in My court. I love your personality; I created it.

I don't just "see you" when you pray; I am in you, praying inside you. When you learn to abide in Me; you will be an over comer. I am in you, overcoming, even if you are rejected by the world. My purposes for you are higher than they can conceive. You are family to me. I knew when you were rejected at school, felt like you didn't measure up and didn't meet the standards. But you are accepted in Me. Run to me and do not let me go until passion for Me fills your heart. I long for you to run to Me in prayer and that you will not let Me go until I bless you. I will fill you with a passion for Me and prayer, with gratitude to receive every thing I have promised you.

I will make you into a strong person instead of angry, negative, blocked, broken hearted and blaming others. You ask Me why you are stuck, not grounded and not anchored. My plan is that you won't go back to trying to be self-sufficient in your self-effort but that you will be anchored as you abide in Me. There is no neutralized zone. It's either choose satan's lie that you can live as an independent self or choose dependence on Me. Come in, let Me favor you, so you can operate out of overflow each day and then go out full, knowing that you are family! You will know that you are pleasing to Me and that you partner with Me, your Father ... "



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