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Interview Rabbi David C. Novitsky:
The End of Days
God told me to interview Rabbi David C. Novitsky, of Beth Israel Synagogue, regarding the Jewish perspective of these times and end-time prophecies. Graciously, he agreed but also offered several disclaimers like, "If you ask 5 Jews, you will get 15 different opinions!" Yes, and secular Jews will be very different from religious Jews, from orthodox Jews and from Hasidic Jews etc. etc. All I know is several people had told me that he is one of the nicest ministers I will ever meet. While we have our differences in theology, I have to agree that I wish all other ministers were as kind.

Beth Israel

In fact, he wanted to make sure that he had been clear that both he and God love everybody. He expressed his gratitude to Muslims and to the nations who have taken Jews in during past times of persecution.


Listen to this three part audio interview and learn how some Jewish people see "the end of days." It is important for us to understand each other better and to know how to support Israel in tangible ways in these last days. Do you know how to relate to Jewish people?

I wanted to find out what he thinks about:

  • a two state solution with the Palestinian authority

  • Obama's expectation that Netanyahu must bring
    a "serious plan for peace"

  • Israel surrounded by armed terrorist nations

  • the way the US state department pressures Israel

  • a potential WW III and disaster preparedness

Hear how this Rabbi views end time prophecies:

Abraham's descendents were given the land. Gen 15:18
People of the earth are blessed through Israel. Gen 12:3
The Lord leads Israelites back to Israel. Ezek 20, 36, 37
Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies. Mark 13
Four Kingdoms will rise; the last is the worst. Dan 7
Another King will subdue 3 of the ten kings. Dan 7
Gog and Magog (north) will attack Israel. Ezek 38-39
Gentiles will trample Israel for 42 months. Rev 11:2
The Lord will gather nations to fight Jerusalem. Zech 14
The Tribulation will be the worst time in history. Dan 12
It will be a reign of terror lasting 1260 days. Rev 12:11
Half the people of Jerusalem will be exiled. Zech 14
144,000 Jews will be sealed as servants of God. Rev 7
Daily Temple sacrifices will be abolished. Dan 9, 12
Rebuilding the temple again? or no temple? Isaiah 65:17
Kings will gather at Armageddon for battle. Rev 16, 19
Flesh will rot and eyeballs melt in their sockets. Zech 14
Jerusalem, the spiritual center of the world. Zech 8, 12-14
Israel will have one King and worship the Lord. Ezek 37
Israel will live in the promised land forever. Ezek 37

We agreed that while we all may differ on the specific order of events in the end-times, it is important that we learn to love each other. (Matthew 24) Our theology is very different, but God has called us to be demonstrations of faith and love in action to Jew and Gentile alike.

In Matthew 25, Jesus stressed that this is the time to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those in prison and to be good stewards of our talents. This is the time to learn to share the love of God with Jewish people and to truly minister peace to Jerusalem. I believe that being like the "wise" virgins, who had oil to spare for their lamps, means that we should be filled with the Holy Spirit to over flowing to our fellow man each day -- as well as ready for the rapture.



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