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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Lesson # 18

Why Does God Seem So Far Away?

Kim, Pat & Carlotta

Listen to my dear friend, Kim Beard, as she shares how different her life is now that she is genuinely filled with God's Holy Spirit vs. just surviving while fearing that God had moved far away. Kim is an alumni of Restoration Prayer and of the Issue-Focused Prayer Ministry Training that I did in Texas and enjoys giving her testimony in churches.

Kim is writing a Bible Study designed help those who fear that God is very far away. In this three part interview, she addresses many reasons that people can begin to feel that way. Sometimes, people draw a false conclusion that God has moved away when actually they moved away from Him. She shares her own testimony of how wonderful it is to be truly be filled with God's Spirit, being healed and delivered of these fears and what a difference it has made in her personal life, home, worship and witness.


How do you minister to someone who fears that God has moved away from them? or the Holy Spirit has left? This fear can result from many causes: rejection, hurts, disobedience, harsh teachings or preaching, legalism, spiritual abuse, false preaching, etc.

What would you say causes this feeling?

Why does God sometimes seem so far away?

I have begun to doubt my salvation.
I think I have quenched the Holy Spirit.
I have a fear of the devil and evil.
I can't perform well enough to earn God's love.
Religion is not satisfying to me anymore.
My prayers just bounce off the ceiling.
I can't get into reading the Bible every day.
I don't have a "personal" relationship with Jesus.
I don't think anybody can "interact" with God.
I don't have time to spend time with God.
God let my ____ die and I can't forgive Him.
I can't seem to receive God's unconditional love.
I disappointed God and He has abandoned me.
God asks more of me than I can do.
I have sinned too many times and can't change.
The devil keeps saying my life has no value.
I am better off dead than screwing up like this.
My only worth is to be used and abused.
I can never measure up to the church's standard.
I am a failure and deserve to be punished.
This is the way I am and there is no hope.
I don't want to surrender to God's control.
If God loves me, why didn't He protect me?
God is uninvolved and unpredictable.
I can't be addicted to Rx/drugs and be a Christian.
If God heals, why doesn't He heal me?
I can never be good enough to go to Heaven.
I live a life of guilt, unable to get God to forgive.
No one can be sure they are going to Heaven.
I can never forgive myself or others; it's too hard.

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Listen to parts 1, 2 and 3 of this interview and get the encouragement you need to have an intimate relationship with God. If you would like prayer with Kim or myself (Carlotta), please Contact Us and ask for prayer ministry.



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