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NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School
Year 1 Semester 1 Lesson # 11
Hearts of Stone, Walls and Inner Vows
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"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh." Ezekiel 36:26 NIV

Do you know how to discern if someone has a heart of stone? Do you know how to minister to someone with a heart of stone?

TEST YOURSELF: Do you have a heart of stone, walls or inner vows? Check for signs and symptoms with this POLL.

A heart of stone:

defends my heart with a wall (that keeps out good and bad)
began with a sinful response to hurts or neglect
deadens, insulates and isolates my hurting spirit
shuts down my mental capabilities and objectivity
prevents me from opening my spirit to be vulnerable if it might hurt
formed in childhood and was mostly forgotten
blinds my spiritual eyes and deafens my spiritual ears.
isolates me; keeps me from receiving needed ministry and healing
prevents healing on the inside even after outward relationship is restored
lies hidden behind a warm and friendly exterior
stops the love and communication that is needed for my healing
resists change for fear of increasing vulnerability
refuses counsel and ministry because "I am fine"
but readily reaches out and ministers to others.
fears that it might melt and avoids warm nurturing people
triggers habitual resistant behaviors or ways of the flesh
vowed to "never be like" the one(s) who hurt me
vowed I will "never act like that"
is childish or reactive when my "buttons" are pushed
avoids feeling real emotions by focusing on c
ompulsive behaviors
stubbornly resists obvious steps to intimacy in relationships
vows "I'll never share my true self with anyone again"
would rather "get even" that reconcile with the perpetrator
inner vows not to let the force shield down
interprets transparency as a potential setup for hurt
blocks out the healing power of God
prevents restoration as it agrees with strongholds or deception
misses lost relationships but
blocks reconciliation
blames God for not healing my body, mind and emotions
uses valuable energy protect to myself from expected criticism
makes me feel like no one cares about me or even knows I exist
destroys my immune system as I war against feeling my own needs
makes me vulnerable to cheap thrills or affairs
accuses me of being defective or undesirable
shuts down emotions I need for real interaction of heart and soul

Prayer: Father, we ask that you show me if I have heart of stone. Show me the fleshly inner vows that I have used to protect my heart and stunt my growth. Show me if we have had sinful reactions to hurtful, unkind things that were done to me. Show me where I have defended sinful reactions and behaviors and built demonic strongholds.

Show me how I have walled out meaningful relationships and help me to receive the ministry healing I need. I forgive myself for blocking satisfying relationships and apply the blood of Jesus to my sinful reactions. I forgive those who have hurt and wronged me. Lord, I ask you to forgive me for judging others with condemnation. Please forgive me for blaming You, Lord, when my relationships don't work.

I bring my fleshly protective structures to the foot of the cross and ask You to bring the whole structures to death. Remove the walls I have built and give me a heart of flesh. Lord, connect me with a spiritual authority who will pray with me to break the power of the fleshly inner vows I have made. Release me to be led of the Holy Spirit in all relationships and to rest in Your discernment and Your choices for me.

I repent and ask your forgiveness for blocking Your work in my life and for blocking others. Please restore the blessings and rewards that I have caused myself and others to miss. I choose to give you access to all my relationships and pray for healing for our bodies, minds and emotions. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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