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  NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School 
Year 1 Semester 1 Lesson # 2

 Essential Ingredients
of Effective Personal Ministry

If you want to master the most effective ingredients
of ministry and to hone your own ministry skills, you will love this 3 part video/audio lesson. While there isn't a set formula for results in personal ministry, mentoring in the "ways of God" is important. Wise prayer ministers learn what pleases the Lord and are able to listen to the desires of the receiver and listen to the Holy Spirit at the same time.

The Bible says if there is bad fruit on your tree, the bad roots are on your tree too. People usually want to receive healing for what others have done to them and healing is important. If they are also reaping the same kinds hurts over and over, they may need to look at sinful behaviors they have sown themselves.

I share common ingredients of effective ministry
and some of the ways God usually leads us to discern the strategy of the Holy Spirit. While you may be aware of many of these keys, listen and learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit to heal others like a skillful laser surgeon, with the least pain and scarring as possible!

  • Leave room for the Holy Spirit to do a "new thing"

  • Minister the "heart of God" for the receiver first

  • Demonstrate ministry "by His Spirit" vs. our power

  • Cancel every plan of the enemy in Jesus' Name

  • Give God all the glory before, during and after

  • Teach God's spiritual laws, sowing and reaping

  • Evangelize the unbelieving areas of their heart

  • Hear the surface issues and causes they share

  • Ask the Holy Spirit for the root issues and causes

  • Believe for related Words of Knowledge

  • Expect Words of Wisdom for Spirit-led questions

  • Tune in to what the Holy Spirit says to ask next

  • Identify generational patterns and reactions

  • Sinful thoughts and motives must be confessed too

  • The Holy Spirit may reveal issues through dreams

  • Discern godly true repentance from remorse

  • Discern godly sorrow for sin from self-pity

  • Don't offer comfort instead of true repentance

  • Encourage them to accomplish true forgiveness

  • Deal with blame or disappointment with God

  • Tell them when they are forgiven by God and you

  • Believe for a right spirit and a new heart

  • Help them to replace ungodly beliefs with godly

  • Believe for transformation of their believing

  • Teach how to bring flesh to the Cross to die

  • Flesh can never be improved; it has to die

  • Emotions are healed; demons are cast out

  • Impart discipline to walk in spiritual ways

  • Demonstrate loosing and binding prayers

  • Demonstrate our spiritual power and authority

  • Demonstrate our commission to heal infirmity

  • Demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles

  • "Clean their house out" before you do deliverance

  • Prophesy God's plan, gifts, calling and purpose

  • Exhort them to be discipled or mentored

  • Assign homework to ground them in new truths

  • Minister their value as a contributing member

  • Offer more training, ministry opportunities or trips

To hear or download the video/audio teachings and to save the prayers, go to www.NowFaith.TV and click the class links. You are allowed to burn all the teachings to CDs and use them to make disciples and train nationals to reach all nations at the same time.

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