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For just a few minutes ...
pretend that Jesus has asked you to "follow Him" in His itinerate ministry. Now take this DISCIPLE exam to determine if you have the discipline to follow Him.


You are on your honor to assess your compliance with Biblical requirements for followers. You have agreed to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and body and to love others as yourself. Congratulations! Jesus is looking for true disciples with SCRIPTURAL DISCIPLINES. They include traveling light, commuting on foot, sacrificial living, hands on healing ministry, casting out demons, dealing with Pharisees, discipleship classes, dying to flesh, hours in prayer and meditation.

1. Please copy and paste this email and send your responses back to us at contactus@cwlinc.com
2. Place X beside the term that best describes your current level of commitment.
3. Sign your name, email address, state or country at the bottom.

Willing to leave everything, travel light and trust Jesus to provide as we go.
_ Too Materialistic _ My stuff is going _ Must raise support _ Live by faith now

Ready to tithe and sow into others while I live on honorariums and offerings.
_ Deeply in debt _ Spendaholic _ Debt free _ Sow liberally now

Good steward of my body, able to walk to towns and pray on the "high places."
_ Have to be carried _ Need frequent rest _ Exercise frequently _ Long distance walker

Ready to minister healing, miracles and cast out spirits of infirmity and death.
_ Depend on Rx drugs _ Sick often myself _ Mostly healed _ Minister healing

Willing to follow Biblical nutrition guidelines and fast and pray as needed.
_ I am a glutton _ I am over weight _ I eat healthy already _ I fast and pray too

Confess my sins one to another, to ask forgiveness and to receive correction.
_ Walled in _ Shut down _ Guarded _ Open and honest

Readiness to submit to the authority that Jesus sets over me, as unto the Lord.
_ Rebel and resist _ Still whine a lot _ Cheerfully submit _ Armor bearer

Willing to let go of traditions and methods, to follow Jesus in His new ways.
_ Rigid traditional _ Still legalistic _ Stepping out _ Yielded to the Spirit

Freedom from Garden of Eden disorder (hiding sin, making excuses or blaming.)
_ Blaming God _ Under fig leaves _ Making excuses _ Honest confession

Love to meditate on scripture, hiding it in my heart morning, noon and night.
_ Don't have time _ Read often _ Meditate often _ Meditate and journal

Committed to being a good steward of my gifts and available in season and out.
_ What are they? _ Gifts are buried _ Stepping out _ Minister with gifts

Effective prayer life, owning my spiritual power and authority to take dominion.
_ Weak in prayer _ Pray a list _ Spirit-led prayer _ Strong Intercessor

Willing to leave my idols and submit my time, talent and energy to Jesus Christ.
_ Still addicted _ Couch potato _ Tithe my time _ His bond slave

Able to rest in the Lord, not striving, competing or performing for acceptance.
_ Burned out _ Approval addict _ Accept others _ Accepted and loved

Minister in fresh new ways, Spirit led, waiting for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
_ What is it? _ Copying others _ In a rut that works _ Known for anointing

Training to be a "sent one," planting a ministry or market place ministry.
_ Intimidated, hiding _ Self-promoting _ Serves others well _ A reproducer now

Able to deny myself, take up my cross and follow Him, staying wherever He leads.
_ Need a King bed _ A private room _ A humble guest _ Sell or leave all

Study to show myself approved, a teachable student and able to teach or preach.
_ Dropped out _ Hate homework _ Being transformed _ Teaching others

Obedience to the Spirit of each assignment, not just obeying the letter of the law.
_ Maybe, depends _ Yes, but later _ Often obey _ 95-100% obedient

Able to discern, identify and cast out demonic spirits effectively with lasting results.
_ Afraid of evil _ Chased out naked _ Temporary results _ Lasting freedom

Able to love Pharisees with God's love, good people skills, not taking offense.
_ Cutting off ears _ Accusing back _ Honor authority _ Love my critics

Good references, highly recommended by those whose ministries I have served.
_ Unresolved conflicts _ Was self-serving _ Might recommend _ Sent with blessing

Demonstrate accountability, leadership skills and submission to leadership.
_ Lone ranger _ Work well alone _ Team Player _ Humble leader

Consistently serve as an ambassador of Christ, sharing the gospel openly.
_ Sometimes betray _ Silent witness _ Sowing seeds _ Love evangelism
BONUS: I have built up my immunity to withstand viruses in other areas.
_ I'm staying home _ Got a flu shot _ Take supplements _ Strong immunity
Total each column, giving yourself 1 point for column 1, 2 for column 2, 3 for column 3 and 4 for column 4. How did you do? Score _______ Need more ministry training?


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