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People don't get "cause and effect." They may think that even long term patterns in their life just come out of the blue. If there is a long term negative pattern in your life, the Bible says to ask God because it is not there without a cause. Prov. 26:2 Where there is lots of bad fruit, there is a bad root. My counselor told me if the bad fruit is on my tree, the bad root is on my tree.

Getting deliverance without bringing fleshly structures to the cross for Jesus to put them to death, is a formula for failure. Actually, we are commanded to deal with our flesh more often than we are to get deliverance. Without truly hating our fleshly patterns, we will not hate the agreements that we have with deceptions.

I didn't like that answer. I wanted to be the innocent victim and to blame others. However, the good news is that if you are part of the cause, you also have power to be part of a solution. Say you have had a lot of critical people in your life. Try plugging the problem "criticism" into the blank in the Cross Walk Prayer. After you repent and forgive "5 ways," you will notice that you are not reaping as many critical people.

ross Walk Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus,

I have a negative pattern in my life, that is not Godly and I cannot get rid of it by myself. I know that a bad fruit has a bad root. I don't want this pattern of __________________________________________ any longer. I don't want to reap this in my own life or in the people around me. Please show me the spiritual root of it and how to deal with my part of this problem.

Did I sow this and now I am reaping it, more and later? Gal. 6:7-10
Did I dishonor my parents or authorities in this area? Eph. 6:1-3
Did I judge someone and now I draw that thing to me? Matt. 7:1, Rom. 2:1-4
Did a bitter expectation spring up in me, defiling others? Heb. 12:14-15                         
Did I make an inner vow in not to be like them? James 5:12, Matt 5:37

1. I RECOGNIZE that the reason this problem of ____________________ is now a pattern in my own life, is because of my sinful reaction of (dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself, inner vows or bitter root expectation.) The fruit is that I am reaping similar problems in others and myself according to the LAW of sowing and reaping. I am reaping this crop because of my sinful reactions to their sin. I am reaping from the sinful seed that I have sown - not from what they have sown.

2. I REPENT and ask forgiveness 5 ways. Please forgive ME:

1. for not asking others to forgive me

2. for judging and not forgiving others

3. for sowing sin / my sinful reactions

4. for blaming or doubting you God

5. and for not forgiving myself

3. I RENOUNCE my sin of dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself, bitter root expectations or fleshly inner vows. I choose to forgive them, releasing them to you, the Judge of all the earth.

4. RELEASE me from reaping this crop that is now mine to reap because of my sinful reactions to others.

5. I RECKON dead on the cross all flesh that identifies with this reaction and all automatic reactions that I have developed with it. I ask you Jesus, to bring it to death, because I cannot. Create in me a pure heart that agrees with your responses.

6. RESURRECT your likeness into every area that you have brought to death.

7. RESTORE all the years that the locusts have eaten while I was disobedient.

8. I RECLAIM all the spiritual blessings that my family and I have missed.

us for generations to come, as we sow true discernment, grace and mercy. Thank you Lord for the forgiveness you have provided for us on the cross and all the blessings that we are free to walk in now. We believe you for them! Amen

If you want to learn the easy way and MUCH FASTER ... Simply make a list of all your parent's faults (without mercy.) Assume that as a child, you probably judged and dishonored them as some point. You can include other authorities too (pastors, teachers, coaches, leaders, officers etc.) if you really want to get freedom fast!!

Pray this prayer now BEFORE the bad seeds flower and bear fruit!

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The Life-Changing Cross Walk Prayer

Years, ago my life began to change, as I learned to pray the Cross Walk Prayer from Ellen Ferry in Atlanta, Ga. Many of you have made a lifestyle of praying the Cross Walk Prayer and would like to have a copy of it to share with others. Please forward my version of it to anyone who desires to take the easy route to blessing: Come into agreement with God about your sinful reactions to problems in your life.

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