DAN: Visiting ... and even contacting Cross Walk Life, for Restoration Prayer Ministry, was a step of faith.

I'd received some healing from chronic fatigue syndrome through another ministry, but was starting to stagnate again, in physical progress and in my walk with God. I knew that without faith it is impossible to please God, so I took the step out in faith, and God met me in it, as He has in the past, and this time He really opened up many doors in my life.

Before receiving Restoration Prayer Ministry, I was really having a hard time getting into God's Word, and it seemed I was constantly distracted, never finding time for God, even though I had a lot of 'free' time. I believe one of Satan's main goals is to keep us out of God's Word, because he knows if he can keep us away from God's Word, he can either keep us away from our healing altogether, or rob us of healing by bringing symptoms back and deceiving us.

Having the Word of God in you is KEY to keeping your healing, because you recognize what Satan is trying to do (the lies), and you know what God's Word has to say about it (the Truth). God's Word is a double edged sword - it's OUR Weapon against the enemy!!

Using the name of Jesus Christ and speaking God's Word at Satan when he's trying to make you afraid, hopeless, depressed, DISARMS him of his ONLY weapon, deception.

Receiving Restoration Prayer Ministry not only enabled me to start filling myself with God's Word, but also how to use it and speak it OUT LOUD, EVERY DAY, against every deception Satan tries to bring against me. Jesus Christ DESTROYED all the power of Satan, and GAVE US POWER over all the power of the enemy. Praise God!

A weapon does you no good holstered to your side - and God's Word does you no good sitting in a book on your shelf, you need to FEED on it daily, and every time you do, you are sewing seed for an amazing harvest. Restoration Prayer Ministry showed me how to unsheathe my Sword AND SWING IT.

P.S. Ya know, one thing (of many) that I notice in my life now that I have a relationship with God, is that when I do something creative, it flows SO much more easily - be it writing music, doing graphic design, or writing that short testimony. I believe it's because our creativity is a gift from Him (obviously), so when we're spending time with Him and in God's Word, the gifts He gave us become unhindered - like they flow freely and blockages are removed. Pretty cool!

And yes, I am believing that this is another seed I'm sewing into His Kingdom, and am in agreement with you to expect a glorious multiplication of it! Satan used to try and make me feel guilty about that stuff, that I shouldn't do things with an expectation of getting something back... Man, he is such a liar... lol.

I know now that it is God's Will for me to get a many-fold return, and that I NEED to expect it, He told me to! Of course that's not my only reason for doing things, but it is part of it, and there's nothing wrong with expecting God to fulfill all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

And I am in agreement for the same for you, a 30, 60, 100 fold return on EVERY seed you've sewn and continue to sew into His Kingdom. Glory to God!

Man, I'm on fire today! LOL ... DAN