This is the handout for audio 2. You can use the right side of this handout as a guide to pray in agreement with Jesus: to be one in spirit with others and with God.



Please come be with us today; I am on my own

Christ in me and I in Him, I am never alone

Unregenerate nature separated from Christ

Partaker of Divine Nature, on spirit with Him

Old man slave to sin

New creature, old passed away and buried

Treadmill of the law, striving, do’s and don’ts

Christ fulfills the law in me as I rest in Him

Two power universe, don’t trust authority

All power is delegated by God, submission

Christianity is a code of ethics to live up to

Intimate relationship as a Bride, trust, loved

Head knowledge about God

Illumined truth Logos Word, Rhema revelation

External guidance and opinions

Spirit-led, Spirit bears witness, accountability

Theology, doctrine, dispensations, traditions

Experiencing God daily in line with the Word

Self-effort, holiness by works

Anointed, righteous as a gift by grace

Conscious, cognitive reasoning, rationalism

Dreams, visions, words of wisdom, intuition

Accused, guilty, condemned, punished

Totally forgiven, blameless, made holy by the blood

Pleading with God for help, inadequate

Comforter, teacher, power, fruit, gifts inside me

Self-deception, control and manipulation

Submitted to His sovereign control, self-control

Used by God, poverty, door mat, unfulfilled

Edified, trained, equipped, partnering with Him

Unworthy, performing to earn acceptance

Worthy, unconditionally acceptable by the Cross

Identity based on opinions of others or my own

Identity based on God’s Truth about me

Figure out God’s will with cognitive thinking

Spiritual eyes, ears, senses, mind, discernment

Insecurity, based on circumstances

All needs supplied, peace past all understanding

Soul in charge, double-minded, doubtful

Spirit-led, single-minded, all works for good

Visible, material, temporal, world values

Unseen, spiritual, eternal realities are my base

Hopeless, victimized, powerless to change

Over comer, victorious, delegated authority

Workaholic, scarcity mentality, hoarding

Serving, abundance, sowing into the Kingdom