Rationalism or Spirituality?
Self Test: Are you living more out of your mind or spirit?

Rationalism is the reliance on reason as the basis for establishment of religious truth ... a theory that reason is in itself a source of knowledge superior to and independent of sense perceptions." Are you living out of rationalism or Spirituality? Are you living out of a rational Christianity or spiritual Christianity? Is your knowledge of God only from studying the Logos Word - written Word of God? or also from the spoken Word - Rhema Word?

Is your heart guarded or does it actually have a padlock on it? Are there walls around it that were erected years ago? If you take our self test, will it show that you actually live out of rational Christianity vs. true spiritual Christianity? Would people say that you are "all heart" or live out of your mind? Are you known for your ability to trust God or your inability to "let go and let God?" Do you still feel the need to control other people and circumstances for fear of failure or shame? Is your mind on the throne of your life instead of Jesus?

Can spirituality be lived out of your mind?
As I was preparing to teach "Communion with God" by Dr. Mark Virkler, I was faced with the question, "Are you believing in a Christian rationalism?" What about you? Do you usually learn about God or experience Him? What is the highest productivity? To be used of God? or to know Him? To love yourself, God and others? To do right? or to build the Kingdom of God? Would others say you use tasks to love people or use people to do tasks? Are you known for expressing the very heart of God or requiring others to perform and to meet your standards?

Would you like to test whether you are living more out of your mind or your spirit? Do you know God spirit to Spirit? Or just know about Him?
Please check which answer represents your thinking MORE OFTEN:

Rational Christianity

Spiritual Christianity

My mind directs through reason and logic My spirit directs as it hears God's voice
I take all the parts apart to analyze I see the parts fitting together as a whole
I count the roses as I go by I stop and smell the roses
Reality is the material physical world Reality is the eternal spiritual realm
Reality is what my mind perceives Reality is Truth from God's Logos Word
My goal is to develop my mind My goal is to develop my spirit
Christianity is obeying God's law Christ in me fulfills the law by His Holy Spirit
I am controlled by what my mind says I have self-control, a fruit of the Holy Spirit
Worship is a service at church I commune with God as I worship Him
Prayer is a list of requests and petitions Prayer is interactive communion with God
Eternal life begins when I go to heaven Eternal life is a new spirit birthed within me
Emotions are only soulish or fleshly Emotions are a vital part of relationship
I am a Martha who likes to do for God I am a Mary who enjoys intimacy with God
I decide with analyses and research I trust my intuition and gut impressions
I cultivate my mind with academic study I cultivate my spirit by communion with God
I think it through and figure it out I follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
Knowledge is researched and stored Knowledge is the illumined Truth of God
My mind tests the Logos Word My spirit flows with Logos & Rhema Word
I trust my natural five senses first I trust my spiritual five senses first
Christianity is a code of ethics Christianity is intimacy with Father God
I rely on external guidance I hear God and journal as He guides
I debate theology and church doctrine I have frequent spiritual encounters with God
I can only rely on the Bible I rely also on what I hear God saying
I live a good Christian life "for" Jesus Christ lives the Christian life through me
I am on earth and Jesus is in Heaven I am one spirit with His Holy Spirit
Manifestations in church are flesh Manifestations can be of the Holy Spirit
I set priorities and goals for productivity I do what the Father says to do
I define success by measurable results Success is hearing & obeying God's voice
I lead out of education and influence I lead out of inherited spiritual authority
My devotions are read from a book Devotions are listening and talking to God
I am driven to earn God's acceptance I am led by God's unconditional love
I invest mostly in material commodities I invest in the eternal Kingdom of God
I build my portfolio with worldly savvy I am empowered to build Kingdom of God
I trust facts and figures over my intuition I trust spontaneous thoughts from God
I pray that God will show up I live and breathe the presence of God
I feel more comfortable with tradition I flow with the moves of the Holy Spirit
I choose as I analyze the pros and cons I am led by inner promptings
I have difficulty focusing my mind on God My passion is to know God intimately
I am task and goal oriented I am filled with His compassion for people
I am measured by my material worth I am measured by my ability to love
My worth is based on the opinion of others My worth is based on God's Truth about me
Wisdom is based on my experience Wisdom is applying God's Truth

How was your self test? Are you believing in rationalism or true spiritual Christianity? Are you living out of your spirit that longs for communion with God? Would you like some help as you seek to live not only out of the Logos Word (written Word of God) but also out of the Rhema Word (spoken Word of God? )

Restoration Prayer Ministry will help you to identify areas where your mind is still trying to retain control and has not yielded to allow your spirit to be in communion with God or His Holy Spirit.

Our training seminar on "Hearing God's Voice" may be just the support you need in order to be confident that your are hearing God clearly and are able to discern His voice. The Bible says,

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Let us know if you would like more information about removing the blocks that prevent you from hearing His voice. I believe the Holy Spirit is ready to connect you with the healing and equipping you need in order to hear God's voice clearly. We are all called to minister God's heart to others and God desires to enable us to minister with new confidence.