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Elijah House School
based on Elijah House materials but
relevant to victory in these end times.

(See basic curriculum below)


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Attend Ministry Training School by video at NowFaithTv anytime 24/7 online or join us at Cross Walk Life, in person. See the curriculum below.

Video or audio and handout links are posted here weekly and emailed to you. Please invite a friend. Attend the NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School for personal growth and ministry training (not to become a certified Elijah House facilitator.)

The first year Ministry Training School includes all three semesters of teachings using the Elijah House School materials. You must do the required reading before each class in order to be able to understand the class and receive what God has for you. Choose to be a AAA student!

Only members of NowFaith.TV Video School receive materials, are graded on their homework and are eligible to receive a certificate of attendance from Cross Walk Life. This school is excellent training for ministry but does not make one a licensed minister. We encourage you to invite a small group to view the videos with you and to include a Q & A time and small group practice ministry. Don't procrastinate! Activate!

Required texts: "Transformation of the Inner Man" has been updated and divided into 4 books.. Please read "Transforming the Inner Man" first and then "God's Power to Change." Read "Biblical Healing and Deliverance" by Chester and Betsy Kylstra for semester two and "Healing Women's Emotions" by Paula Sandford for semester three. We highly recommend that you read "Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse" and "Prophets, Healers and the Emerging Church" by John Sandford too.

NOTE: See the curriculum below and call Carlotta at 229-449-4742 for other questions. If you plan to visit Cross Walk Life see Travel tips for airports, hotel, rental cars and activities in the Tallahassee area.

IMPORTANT: This school uses the original Elijah House Basic School materials. Although Carlotta has taught this school several times, she is offering this school for personal growth and ministry training only. (Note: This is not the Elijah House School, which is offered over 2 years, in order to be a certified facilitator with Elijah House. See


Dying to Have Life
Ingredients of Effective Ministry
What should happen in small groups
Recognition of fruit-to-root patterns
Repentance and restitution
Accomplishing forgiveness
Bitterroots and judgmental attitudes
Honoring and discerning authority
How we see God
Hearts of Stone and inner vows
Rightly handling emotions
Proper application of comfort
Disciplines to walk in the new way


Mother-Child wounds
Early childhood wounds
Basic trust
Spiritual rebellion & dyslexia
Generational sin
Personal & corporate strongholds
Performance orientation
Parental inversion & substitute mate
Slumbering spirit
Captive spirit
Identifications of love
Care & feeding of the personal spirit

Inner healing
Common errors in ministry
Healing life's common sexual experiences
Profile of an a
Healing victims of sexual abuse
Emotional abuse
Spiritual adultery
Attachments and transference's
Healing the wounded burden bearer
The blessing of burden bearing

* Section 2 and 3
are only available to those who have completed Section 1 of the
Elijah House School successfully.

Please read "Transforming the Inner Man" first and "Biblical Healing and Deliverance"
and "Healing Women's Emotions" by semester two. (Every minister needs to know
how to minister to women!) We highly recommend that every believer read all the books
during the first year.

God'S Power To Change (Transformation)Letting Go Of Your Past (The Transformation Series)Product Details

Product Details Product DetailsProduct Details

Offered to qualified students who have had Ministry School Training and Restoration Prayer Ministry training. All those who are interested in joining a prayer ministry team or in receiving advanced training must first receive Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) themselves.

Read more about how to apply for a Restoration Prayer Ministry Internship. Contact us if you sense that you may benefit from training as a Restoration Prayer Minister.

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